UK Election Round-Up – Recruitment and the Conservatives

UK survey graph

Peter Linas, Bullhorn’s international MD, takes a look at the results of last month’s election result and what it means for the recruitment industry

We conducted a quick snapshot survey to gauge the political sentiment of the UK recruitment industry ahead of the election last month. Whilst we only surveyed a micro-sample of the industry (and thanks to those of you who answered!), the results (as you can see above) signaled a victory for the Conservatives.

After crunching the numbers our survey results offer a fairly accurate reflection of the way the country voted. Fifty-three percent of UK recruiters thought the Conservatives would be the best party for the recruitment industry, followed by Labour with 44 percent, and trailing behind, the Liberal Democrats with three percent of the vote.

So now the dust has settled and it’s back to business as usual, what can the recruitment industry expect from the new Conservative government?

Well if all goes to plan, we should see the creation of two million extra jobs and three million apprenticeships over the course of the next parliament. All good news for recruiters who will need to be on hand to fill these roles, helping more people than ever secure employment.

Regardless of the results of the survey and the election though, it’s been a great couple of years for the recruitment industry. It’s surpassed its pre financial crisis peak and the REC forecasts that industry turnover will grow by nine percent in 2015/16. Onwards and upwards we say!

For more insight on what 2015 holds for the recruitment industry, download our UK trends report here.

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