Bullhorn Vision

Bullhorn’s core purpose is to create an incredible customer experience, and we believe that starts with creating an incredible employee experience first. Here at Bullhorn, our vision is for every employee to have a sense of belonging, a voice that is heard, and a clear path for success.

What is Bullhorn Enterprise? 

Bullhorn Enterprise Sales is a global team that focuses on the largest, most complex, staffing organizations in the world. We partner with the top firms to enable them with the platform or product mix that can scale to meet their growth goals, complex business processes, and stay competitive.

Why Bullhorn Enterprise?

Join a global team of diverse individuals working together, selling market leading products and delivering record-breaking performance year after year. As an organization we align ourselves to three pillars that are crucial to our success and team based culture.

Different is Good
We are Good Partners
We Choose to be Here

Hear from The Team

Roles on the Enterprise Team

Team-based selling environment that allows all members to play to their strengths, work collaboratively, and successfully work multiple deals simultaneously.

Each pod is responsible for a selection of accounts/revenue andand is typically comprised of a Managing Director, Account Director, and Account Specialists. Here is a high level description and day in the life of these roles.

Account Specialist: Multi-sport athlete and internal Jedi

Account Director: Cultural backbone, player/coach, pacesetter, and architect

Managing Director: Situational captain, engagement leader, and creator of work

Enterprise Employee Timelines

There’s no end to your career progression at Bullhorn.

Check out some of these homegrown Enterprise team members whose careers have accelerated over time.


Current Open Enterprise Roles