Contingent staffing agencies like yours deal with a great deal of complexity in their business, which can make it challenging to innovate and stay competitive in a constantly changing and digitising environment.

Bullhorn wants to help agencies create efficiency, save costs and drive transformation. That’s why we acquired Sirenum, a Salesforce-based solution known for their complex workforce management capacities.

Now we are announcing a new solution – Bullhorn for Salesforce Workforce Edition. It brings together the best-in-class Salesforce-based front-office solution that is Bullhorn for Salesforce and the workforce management capabilities of Sirenum. This solution now covers not only a front office offering but also extends into scheduling, monitoring, rate card management, and workforce mobile applications to tackle your most common challenges.


Smart shift scheduling functionality to make sure the right person is in the right place at the right time.


Know in advance if your workforce is going to miss a scheduled shift and replace them before SLA failure with shift sign-ins. Stop overbooking staff and creating an unreliable worker experience.

Rate Cards

Set up and manage complex rate cards in the same system as your scheduling and timesheets to set the stage for successful time interpretation.

Workforce mobile applications

Empower your workers by putting their availability management, schedule and documents in their hands.

Time capture

Accurately capture time, create timesheets and have them approved by the customer to drive efficiency in your pay and bill processes.

Open API

Connects into most back office systems through robust APIs and extensions.

Drive Digital Experiences

Create high-touch, high-tech experience for recruiters, workers and customers that builds loyalty, drives redeployment, and lowers the cost of service by taking the busywork away from your recruiters.

Deliver Operational Excellence

Manage the complexity of your business in a way that creates efficiencies, drives down the costs of operation and creates visibility into all parts of your business.

Win New Customers Thanks to Your Tech Stack

Use the strength of your technology as a selling point when developing value propositions for your customers.

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