How Automating Your Client and Candidate Documents Can Help You Win More Business

document automation

When we talk about ‘automation’ in recruitment and staffing, the conversation often focuses on communication and data. But what about the huge amounts of time spent on client and candidate documents? Can you automate that? Enter ‘document automation’ with Kyloe AwesomeDocs

Often, we become so heads down in our processes and workflows that we don’t even consider that there are better, faster methods out there. From risk mitigation to improved visibility and collaboration, there are many benefits to automating your client and candidate documents, all of which can come together to help you win more business.

Wait, what is document automation exactly?

If the idea of automating your document management is new to you, it can feel like a daunting change, so we’ve broken it down to illustrate the impacts at different stages of the hiring process.



  1. Candidate selection
    • If your client is in an industry that requires candidates to have certain credentials as part of the role, use Kyloe AwesomeDocs to request and store the required credentials, and link them to Bullhorn requirements to ensure that only qualified people are submitted for consideration.
    • Click to format CVs / resumes and generate cover letters to ensure a professional, polished finish ahead of sending them to clients.
    • Automatically locate your client’s document requirements and merge them into one neat pack.
    • Save all documents to the correct Bullhorn record without lifting a finger – no more lost documents.
  2. Making the offer
    • Use data stored in Bullhorn – like salary and start date – to automatically populate offer letters and contracts.
    • Send the offer straight from Bullhorn using DocuSign, and look forward to a dramatically accelerated signing speed. No more, printing, mailing, faxing, or chasing signatures.
    • Automatically add a note in Bullhorn after sending the file.
  3. Tying up loose ends
    • Ensure that you’re tracking effectively and automatically update the candidate status when the contract is signed.
    • Did we mention that all documents will be saved to the correct Bullhorn record without lifting a finger?! No more lost documents, and files can be easily accessed whether your users are office or home-based, not to mention being readily available should you need to audit.

Why should you automate your documents with AwesomeDocs?

  • Win more placements and business: Submit candidates and send contracts faster than your competitors.
  • Cut operating costs: Decrease employees’ time spent preparing, sending, chasing, and saving documents, and eliminate paper, ink, printing, and mail costs. 
  • Reduce compliance risk: Improve accuracy and reduce the risk of placing an unqualified candidate. 
  • Improve client and candidate experience: Present professionally branded and accurate documents that clients can consistently rely on. And, give your recruiters more time to spend building relationships. 

How to start automating your documents in Bullhorn today

As the Bullhorn specialists, Kyloe Partners has extensive experience in streamlining and automating your unique processes. Our document automation tool, Kyloe AwesomeDocs, gives you everything you need to get started.

With over 1.5million documents generated, Kyloe AwesomeDocs has become an integral part of many Bullhorn users’ workflows, saving thousands of hours each month.

For more information on Kyloe AwesomeDocs and to book your free demo, visit Kyloe Patners.



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