Behind Bullhorn: Ezra Shim

Behind Bullhorn Ezra Shim


At Bullhorn, our mission is to create an incredible customer experience, and we’ve hired some incredibly talented people who put that core purpose into action every day. Welcome to Behind Bullhorn: A spotlight series that brings to life the unique personalities that drive our business.


This month we’re talking to Bullhorn’s very own Ezra Shim, Youth Pastor turned Sales Engineer turned Software Engineer.



How does a Pastor become a Software Engineer? Ezra takes us through how he made the switch to the technology industry, how he learned to code, and how those he was able to make such a drastic career change. Ezra also tells us about his team here at Bullhorn, his favourite aspects of the company, and what the core value of “service” means to him.


“At the end of the day, I get to code every day—build things, break things, and make things better in the process.” – Ezra Shim, Junior Software EngineerBullhorn




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