Building an Incredible Learning Experience with the Bullhorn Learning Hub

Bullhorn Learning Hub

For nearly 1.5 years my team and I have been thinking about how we can improve your Bullhorn Learning experience based on feedback from customers like you. We heard your feedback, and we asked ourselves, “how can we make learning Bullhorn easier, faster, more convenient, and more relevant?”

That’s where this journey began—in October 2017. I was tasked with the idea of building a platform that all customers could use without an additional cost and without requiring registering for courses that might not always fit their schedule.

My team vetted multiple learning platforms and piloted a new approach on an existing, but not widely used, training platform. We reviewed all of our existing video content to evaluate user experience and we asked our customers for their feedback directly. What we determined was that we needed a new comprehensive approach to learning.

We agreed to build a blended approach where individuals can get access to an instructor, where they can research help articles, and where they can take self-paced courses on demand when it fits their own schedules.

That’s how we ended up with The Bullhorn Learning Hub—a key piece of our overall Learning Strategy.


What does the Bullhorn Learning Hub solve for you?

  • Train your workforce faster, without additional cost
  • Use Bullhorn content as a core part of your onboarding program
  • Upskill employees as their role evolves or changes

What has changed?

  • Defined learning paths for end-users, managers, and administrators available on demand
  • Upgraded courses to help your business utilise new functionality as your business grows
  • Transcripts and tracking of learning activities
  • Learning paths that are linked directly to help articles for additional learning opportunities
  • New content added on a regular cadence

What is coming to the Learning Hub in the future?

  • Paid instructor-led sessions where you can ask questions, learn additional best practices, and get hands-on demos of the system from a Bullhorn expert
  • Peoplenet Learning coming in Q2 of 2019
  • Bullhorn for Force Learning coming in Q4 of 2019

How do I log into the Learning Hub?

    1. While logged into Bullhorn, select Help to access the Bullhorn Community.
      Bullhorn Help
    2. Choose Training from the menu bar.
      Bullhorn Training
    3. Select Log into the Learning Hub from the Bullhorn Learning Hub image.
      Bullhorn Learning Hub


Have more questions about The Bullhorn Learning Hub? Start with reviewing our FAQ.

As we continue building out a better Learning Experience at Bullhorn, make sure you check back into The Bullhorn Learning Hub to see how our platform evolves to support your learning needs.


Log into The Learning Hub today


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