Bullhorn Tip: Smart Business Development

business development

This Bullhorn sourcing tip has been contributed by Barclay Jones, award-winning leaders in recruiting training, recruiting technology strategy, and recruiting marketing strategy. 

For recruiters, business development is often a challenging and time-consuming process. It can take up to 18 calls to engage with a new client. So where do you start if 70% of vacancies aren’t advertised and you need to generate more leads and sales?

Using Bullhorn for Business Development

This Bullhorn tip is awesome for candidate-driven business development and a great way of targeting hiring managers who have a job that you want to work or you’re struggling to convert. This tip will be useful if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have clients you’d love to work with but just need an “in”
  • You have a great candidate, but you don’t have an active job to spec them into
  • You need to generate new business, and quickly


    This Bullhorn tip will show you how to:

    1. Improve your bus dev with the candidates you have.
    2. Keep your best candidate engaged so they don’t leave for your competitors
    3. Reduce the time you waste on other business development tasks.

    For more Bullhorn training tips, visit Barclay Jones today.

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