Your Bullhorn Database: A Candidate Goldmine

Alexandra Kane Sense Bullhorn Integration

Did you know your Bullhorn ATS may be stacked with millions of candidates? I’m sure you did. After all, your team spends hours every day scouring the web for talent.

Whether your staffing firm began last year or 10 years ago, chances are your Bullhorn database is filled with candidates of all types, industries, and skillsets. But are you treating it like the gold mine that it is? You should. 

The truth is, most recruitment firms don’t tap into their databases to fill new positions. In many instances, contractors are placed once, never to be heard from or contacted again. 

It could also be that candidates drop out during the hiring process, or they’re not selected by a particular client, and they end up sitting dormant for ages. But the conclusion is the same: Most of your Bullhorn database is filled with inactive candidates or consultants who are still relevant and highly qualified! 

Internal Sense data shows that up to 50% of candidates sourced from job boards may already be in a staffing firm’s database. 

Now this is a striking revelation. Half of your new pipeline is already in your database?! While your data may seem like an overwhelming and inaccessible black hole, it’s truly not. You just need to know how to activate it.

What exactly is hiding in your candidate database?

Let’s begin with this: your recruiters are great, but they’re not superhuman. It’s nearly impossible for each recruiter to remember all the details of every candidate who has ever applied or walked in the door. Every skill set, experience, strength – you could potentially have hundreds of thousands (or yes, even millions) of pieces of relevant information in Bullhorn.

It can be difficult and time consuming for your recruiters to sort through so much information to find a qualified candidate for an open role. Not to mention that recruiters are among the busiest folks out there – who has the extra time to dig through data? 

This is why most recruiters simply play the numbers game and try to recruit new candidates instead. While it’s good to continue filling your candidate database with new talent, it also creates many missed opportunities. After you’ve filled your immediate open orders, your recruiters may never remember to consider these newly sourced candidates for a position again. 

In other words, your candidates can end up lost in your database. This leads to negative candidate experiences like poor response rates, bad online ratings, and candidate fatigue and attrition.

It’s time to rethink your candidate data strategy

Of course, your team should keep sourcing talent at the top of your funnel. It’s critical to consistently add to your pipeline. But now consider this: How often are you spending time cleaning out old data? What if you didn’t need to clean out anything at all? Well, you don’t need to! You should be using and amending the candidate records and data you already have.

Leverage your existing candidate information and make your Bullhorn data work for you – you can easily maximise your talent investment and increase redeployment (and ultimately, tangible ROI). To do this, you just need the right technology. 

How technology can supercharge your recruiters

How do automation and artificial intelligence come into play here? They’re the buzzwords on every forward-thinking recruitment leaders’ minds. And that’s because these two technical innovations have the potential to truly unlock your candidate database. And of course, to drive revenue. 

How do AI and automation work together to help activate your Bullhorn data and drive more placements? Let me show you! 

Let’s say a client just called you in desperate need for a traveling nurse with at least 3 years of experience in the London area.

Your recruiters could immediately start sourcing for new talent themselves. But that could take a lot of time. 

Chances are, though, there is someone in your database who fits the bill! AI can search your Bullhorn data in a fraction of a second, immediately identifying candidates who fit your designated criteria. With automation and an integrated candidate engagement platform (like Sense!), you can then seamlessly contact candidates through email or text to see if they are still qualified, interested and available to schedule an interview.

Without the tech stack, your recruiter not only has to remember to start their search in your Bullhorn database, but they also have to take on the time-consuming task of manually searching through endless records (and will likely give up the search).

AI and automation can do all of this more quickly and efficiently, giving your recruiter time back! 

From search to outreach—all of it in seconds—your recruiters are freed up to work on more important tasks while simultaneously placing and redeploying more contractors. 

Imagine how that can change your day? 

Imagine how that can impact your year? 

Imagine how dramatically that can increase your revenue? 

Activating your Bullhorn database reaps huge rewards for your business. So why are you waiting to find what’s hiding in your database? 

It’s all easier than you think. See how top staffing firms like Infinity are already uncovering qualified candidates at scale with AI and automation in an upcoming Sense webinar on Tuesday, 10 December, “What’s hiding in your candidate database?

Sense is the only all-in-one candidate engagement platform built to help staffing firms make the most of their Bullhorn data. Contact Sense to see how AI and automation can grow your business today. 

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