How NES Fircroft Drove 400% Improvement in Candidate Engagement Through RoboRecruiter Chatbot Automation

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With over 90 years combined experience, NES Fircroft (NES) is proud to be the world’s leading engineering recruitment provider spanning the Oil & Gas, Power & Renewables, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Mining, Automotive, and Chemicals sectors worldwide. It’s people that deliver projects, and with over 100 offices in 45 countries, NES has access to the best talent wherever it may be in the world. RoboRecruiter is their chatbot automation partner over the past three years, and together they continue to deploy significant ways to make their process more efficient, fair, and enjoyable for their candidates and consultants.

Getting Started

Following a successful pilot where 400% more candidate engagement was generated via RoboRecruiter chatbot automation, NES Fircroft developed ten new automation use cases globally across their business. With Bullhorn as the home of the candidate data, it was critical that the new chatbot use cases could be launched from within the system with as little distraction to the consultants themselves, and the enriched data flow back into the ATS.  To establish the use cases with the most impact potential, the following criteria were applied:  

  1. Admin-burden     
  2. Repeatable and scalable         
  3. Currently sub-optimal candidate journey

The first chatbot use cases NES targeted were to automate the job notification process and admin-related tasks such as regular timesheet reminders and recruitment survey outreach. 

Automating Communication

Automatic job notifications from the vacancy record have evolved how consultants notify their candidates of open roles. Consultants complete the vacancy as usual and, with a few clicks, they can reach entire tearsheets of candidates with customised chatbots via SMS and email. The candidates then complete the RoboRecruiter automated conversation chatbot and submit their resumes, while the consultant can sit back and see the records updated in Bullhorn.

Sending Regular Reminders

Automation of weekly timesheet reminders and recruitment surveys has relieved teams of the burden of conducting these various administrative tasks. Using RoboRecruiter chatbots from within Bullhorn, NES communicates with contractors weekly to remind them to submit their timesheets. Similarly, regularly scheduled recruitment survey chatbots are sent to placed candidates, hiring managers, resource managers, and silver medalists to request feedback on their experiences. Those targeted can then respond to the chatbot conversation, and their responses are automatically mapped back to their contact or candidate records. Gone are the days of manually tracking candidate feedback and chasing contractors for timesheets!

NES Fircroft relies on having access to the best talent to deliver its clients’ projects all over the world. Having almost 350 candidates engaging with the RoboRecruiter chatbot within 48 hours meant that recruiters could get on with creating the perfect shortlist to send to hiring managers quicker than they ever have been able to before. And the forthcoming addition of RoboPulse real-time communication within Bullhorn will drive even more placements from the 400% improvement in engagement.
Kevin McGrath, Head of IT Applications NES Fircroft

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