Low-Hanging Fruit: Making the Most of Your Bullhorn Investment

make the most out of Bullhorn

Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) includes many different features to help you build better relationships and win more deals. But with so many different pieces of functionality, it can be difficult to ensure you’re fully utilising the system and getting the most out of your investment in Bullhorn.  

At Engage Boston 2019, we asked a panel of experts for their Bullhorn tips and tricks on maximising productivity and overall usage of Bullhorn. Included in this panel were Justin Thomason, Vice President of Recruiting at Matrix Resources, Eddy Lee, Account Executive at Bullhorn, and Kristin Smith, Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Bullhorn. 

Read on for some top Bullhorn tips to get the most out of your investment:


Adding notes in Bullhorn ensures information is being recorded in an accurate and timely manner. Notes also provide the entire team with vital information to increase collaboration across teams and departments. Here’s what our experts had to say about why adding Notes is a crucial part of fully utilising Bullhorn:


Adding notes is one of our biggest tools of collaboration internally. We really leverage it to communicate effectively.
Justin Thomason


When it comes to notes, we always tell customers, ‘If it’s not in Bullhorn, it didn’t happen’. Adding notes is essential for quality reports, especially with the added functionality of configuring note types to reflect different actions or steps that were taken.
Kristin Smith



With so many records and pieces of data in Bullhorn, organising the information in an actionable way is crucial to ensuring you’re using the ATS efficiently and effectively. Tearsheets allow you to organise records in lists for easy navigating and searching. 


You can use tearsheets to pipeline candidates by skillset and location. As recruiters, we know what jobs are coming, but we often don’t know when. By building out tearsheets, I can come and find the people I want to contact immediately. People are working remotely or from home, but with tearsheets, it enables them to work together and be successful.
Justin Thomason


Internal Submissions List

One of the most important parts of the recruiting process is submitting candidates to clients. With internal submissions lists in Bullhorn, you can easily visualise which candidates have been submitted so you can quickly see where to follow up or take other actions. 


Internal submission lists really help me work effectively and efficiently within Bullhorn. You can filter by job and find candidates who were recently submitted to similar jobs. If you have candidates that you’ve submitted recently, you can see their pay rate and notes on why they want to move. It elevates the ability to have meaningful conversations with both passive and active candidates.
Justin Thomason


Email Inbox Gadgets

When recruiters are not in Bullhorn, chances are, they are in their email inbox.  Bullhorn’s Email Inbox Gadgets, available for both Gmail and Outlook, allow users to add and view records within Bullhorn without ever leaving their inbox. This improves productivity and increases visibility into key information. 


Every person needs to utilise their email, and there are a lot of tools to improve efficiency. We know you interact with so many people day in and day out. You might not have spoken in 6 months or 12 months but when you open the inbox gadget, you can quickly understand your relationship with the contact, whether that’s a candidate or client.
Eddy Lee


Bullhorn Pulse

Bullhorn Pulse analyses your conversation activity with candidates and clients to give you relationship insights that help you deliver a superior candidate experience. Bullhorn automatically captures all phone and email activity so you have instant visibility into every business conversation from across your organisation. 

Eddy Lee, Bullhorn Account Executive, provided some great insight into why his customers are finding great value from Pulse:

Collaboration is vital across recruiting teams and functions, but often requires actions to be taken first. With Pulse, collaboration can happen without recruiters or other team members having to take any actions at all. Before any important meetings, recruiters can dive into Pulse and look at the last five conversations to ensure they’re up-to-date on what emails or other actions the entire team has taken with the particular contact. You can also dive into Pulse and see metrics about response rates for email and make an impact without having to call a client or user.


Look through each and every email and pull out things that matter for you. Depending on your role, you might care about a contract or candidate submission. When keywords you’ve flagged come up in an email, you can be notified and take action.
Eddy Lee

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