Preparing for Google and Yahoo email changes

Preparing for Google and Yahoo email changes

Google and Yahoo recently announced an upcoming change to their policies for bulk email senders to improve their filtering capabilities for spam, phishing, etc. 

As a part of Bullhorn’s commitment to creating an incredible experience, we are working to ensure our tech stack is compliant with these new policies across all of our solutions ahead of their February 2024 enforcement, so we wanted to outline what’s happening and some changes that, depending on your Bullhorn solution, your business may need to take to ensure you’re ready. 

What are the changes?

On October 3, both Google and Yahoo announced changes and new processes to ensure a better email experience for all.

In essence, while email protocols today are strong, both providers are tightening rules even further around validation to ensure less spam makes it to inboxes and to create a safer email experience for all. 

From February 2024, Google and Yahoo will require bulk senders (over 5,000 a day) to:

  1. Authenticate their email to eliminate loopholes exploited by attackers that threaten email users
  2. Enable easy unsubscription from commercial emails and process unsubscription requests within two days.
  3. Adhere to spam rate thresholds to ensure email recipients don’t receive unwanted messages.

You can read more on the rationale and details from Google and Yahoo.

These best practices will soon become requirements for emails going to Yahoo and Gmail, and if businesses aren’t compliant, bulk emails are at risk of being wrongly classified as spam.

What do these changes mean for you?

Anyone who sends bulk emails (over 5,000 a day) is impacted by this change, including many Bullhorn clients who send automated emails from our systems, whether that’s for candidate engagement, time & pay information, or client outreach.

What do you need to do in Bullhorn?

Not all Bullhorn products are impacted (see below for details), but we want to make sure the change is as seamless as possible, so the Bullhorn Product Team is taking care of a lot of the work behind the scenes to ensure your Bullhorn solutions are ready for the changes.  

However, if your product is impacted, there are some steps you’ll need to take with your DNS Hosting Provider before January 14, 2024, as outlined in the links below. Failure to do so will result in disruption in the delivery of the emails you send from Bullhorn.

Please review the articles at the links below to ensure the proper steps are taken, and contact Bullhorn Support should you have any additional questions.

NOTE: Not all products are impacted. Below are details on how to prepare for the products that need attention. If you’re using a Salesforce product, you will be contacted by Salesforce on guidance.

Bullhorn Knowledge Base articles

Please contact Bullhorn Support with any questions.

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