Quarterly Release Roundup: Q4 2020

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With plenty of product updates each month, it can be challenging to keep up with what’s new inside Bullhorn. To make sure you’re up-to-date with the most recent enhancements, we’ve compiled a list of the top product updates from the last quarter so you can make the most out of your investment in Bullhorn. 

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Read on for a roundup of the product updates and enhancements that we released in Q4 2020. 

New Functionality in Bullhorn Novo & S Release

Bullhorn Novo

Novo & S Release

  • Enhanced Reports: In order to display charts and graphs, we have improved our reports to no longer rely on Adobe Flash. 
  • Candidate Name Field Added to Placement Change Request List: The Candidate associated with the Placement the Change Request is referencing will now display on the List. You can sort, filter, and search against the Candidate’s name.
product updates


  • HTML Formatting Does Not Prevent Job Publishing: You can publish jobs to Indeed as expected, even when the Job Description contains nested XML or HTML formatting within the Job Description.
  • Increased Character Limit on Fields: We’ve updated the character limit of the ‘State’ and ‘Address’ fields to fit 100 characters on all entities.
  • New Currency Type Supported: The Russian Ruble (RUB) is now supported as a Currency Format.
  • Optimised Starts & Ends Dashboard Card: We’ve optimised the ‘Starts & Ends’ card to load more quickly and show and link to Placements instead of Jobs for both the ‘Starts’ and ‘Ends’ view.
ats product updates



  • Resolved Timezone Offset Issue: Dates manually entered into a date field will no longer shift due to timezone offsets.
  • Resolved Parsing Error: ‘Parse as Existing’ now completes the first attempt, increasing Novo’s efficiency.
  • Placements Update: Placements now pull the Bill and Pay Rate from the associated Submission instead of the Job.
  • New Distribution List Feature: We’ve introduced a ‘Restrict List to Record Type’ feature to Distribution Lists, which keeps users from adding records of the wrong type to a Distribution List when enabled. Existing lists will not be affected by this change.

Product Updates to Herefish by Bullhorn

Herefish by Bullhorn

  • Survey Results Export: All ATS (standard and custom) fields are available for export. Also, users can now automate a weekly export of their survey results to an email address.
  • Integration with Bullhorn Credentialing: Herefish by Bullhorn users who also use Bullhorn’s credentialing functionality can now receive notifications about upcoming expirations.

If you have additional questions about our recent updates or enhancements, make sure to explore our full product updates on the Bullhorn Customer Portal



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