Reengaging Lapsed Clients Using Bullhorn


This Bullhorn sourcing tip has been contributed by Barclay Jones, award-winning leaders in recruiting training, recruiting technology strategy, and recruiting marketing strategy. 

Did you know that you’re 70% more likely to recruit and sell to an existing client than a new one? This Bullhorn tip is a great way to reengage with previous and lapsed clients to improve sales speed and pipeline. If you’re a recruiter who wants to save time, increase conversions, and get more money in the bank, this quick one-minute tip is for you.


Reconverting clients can help you increase your pipeline by up to 29% and create a more targeted approach to business development. This tip may be useful if you want to do any of the following:

  • Improve your business development success with existing and lapsed clients
  • Reduce the time you waste on other business development tasks
  • Maximise on your relationships with previous clients to win more business


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