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sourcebreaker and bullhorn

It’s all about talent.

At the beginning of this year, Bullhorn surveyed 4,000 recruitment professionals about their challenges and goals for 2022. From the results, one takeaway quickly emerged: right now, talent is the staffing industry’s top focus.

Across all sectors and regions, candidate acquisition was listed as the number one priority for staffing professionals. That’s largely because the number one challenge found by agencies was the historic talent shortage. Candidates are difficult to find, and there’s increased competition in the market. Those that find those candidates – and place them in the right jobs – will be the most successful.

Bullhorn acquired SourceBreaker in July to help our customers succeed in this talent-short market. Liam Ryan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Automation & AI, and Adam Dale, Sales & Strategy Director, SourceBreaker, sat down to discuss how together, SourceBreaker and Bullhorn can change the way recruiters attract and retain talent. 

Read the recap below, or watch the webinar recording here.

Why search and match?

Search and match is the process of searching for candidates across multiple sources and matching them to the right jobs. Amidst the historic talent shortage, where agencies are competing for a precious few candidates, an effective search and match strategy is critical.

Behind talent acquisition, another top priority for agencies was talent experience. Talent is expecting more from the agencies that they work with: a faster, smoother recruitment experience where they’re in the driver’s seat. In a talent-short market, providing this experience is crucial. After all, the better talent experience you provide, the more referrals and redeployment you’ll see. 

Rounding out the top three priorities for recruitment agencies was digital transformation, which requires using technology to help overcome challenges in the market. Tech like SourceBreaker can help provide the talent experience agencies need to provide and acquire more talent faster. Leveraging technology to maintain an engaged talent pool is the foundation of Bullhorn’s Connected Recruiting strategy, which we developed to empower recruitment agencies to ensure an incredible talent experience and find continued success.


Search and match plays a critical role during this Connected Recruiting cycle. It’s a powerful asset to have during the attract phase, when you’re looking to find new candidates. It also plays a key part in the engage phase – for example, when you have candidates who may not have been a perfect fit for one particular placement but could be a great match for another one down the road. Additionally, it’s helpful during the nurture phase, so you can connect with contractors who are nearing the end of their placement and quickly redeploy them.

How can SourceBreaker help your business?

Bullhorn had a great search and match partner in SourceBreaker, and we were excited to acquire them – but that’s not the end of the story. We’ve integrated them into the Bullhorn platform, creating benefits like single sign-on, meaning you only have to sign in once to Bullhorn to access the incredible benefits of SourceBreaker. Additionally, SourceBreaker is now part of the same roadmap as the other Bullhorn solutions, and works in tandem with them to provide a technology level that supports all of the elements of Connected Recruiting. More importantly, this full integration means we can help build out use cases and help get our customers to get the highest ROI on their technology investment.

As we mentioned earlier, the most obvious place SourceBreaker will enhance the Bullhorn platform is at the attract stage. It works by searching across multiple external sources and incorporating automation to find the best candidates and pull them into your database. SourceBreaker also helps boost recruiter productivity by taking all the heavy lifting away from a search and match perspective. 

The attract phase is also where we see huge amounts of waste of candidates and money on job boards. Job boards are crucial in finding candidates, but the waste comes from not processing those candidates correctly – and providing a subpar experience. This could look like not sending an acknowledgment to a candidate once they’ve applied for a role, or not reaching out to candidates that aren’t a fit with alternative roles or helpful content. Instead, these candidates sit in the database without being sent out on active placements. This causes recruitment agencies to spend money pulling in the same candidates time and time again. In order to ensure candidates are actually placed, they need to be continually engaged, ultimately transforming your candidate database into a candidate community.

How does SourceBreaker work?

SourceBreaker was created to change the way recruiters search. Recruiters are fantastic at building relationships with candidates and clients, but sometimes found challenges with searching each and every platform for the right candidates. SourceBreaker started as a search builder to address these challenges, using synonyms and ontology to find candidates. Since then, they’ve developed CRM and CV database integrations, automation, and collaborative tools. Now, there are three core modules to Sourcebreaker:

  • Search: includes SearchBuilder, giving recruiters variations and synonyms to help expand their candidate searches. The search also expands across multiple sources, like job boards and social media. Search also includes SmartSearch, which backtracks from the best candidates so that you can see the wider market. All of this helps make your recruiters’ searches more productive.
  • Sell: can be used in several ways, like when breaking into a new sector or region and needing to find out who is hiring. The Lead Scanner searches across companies’ websites, giving you access to jobs that businesses have posted, so you can see who is hiring and for what – and better market your candidates. Sell also includes Funding and Salary Data, which allows you to find companies that have just taken new rounds of funding, giving you a signal ahead of the market that companies will be hiring. The Email Finder, which helps your recruiters find information quicker.
  • Automate: includes Candidate Alerts, letting you know when candidates have posted their CV. Also includes Job Leads Alerts, notifying you when new jobs are posted so you can push forward the right candidates. Automate also includes Market Insights, feeding news right to your recruiters so they can stay ahead of the curve.

Within Bullhorn, using SourceBreaker gives you a rich database search. After all, you can only turn your database into a community if you’re speaking to your candidates, and you can only speak to your candidates if they’re included in your search. You can also seamlessly push candidates from your CV searches – and jobs from your job searches – into your Bullhorn CRM. 

What does the future of Bullhorn and SourceBreaker look like?

Now that SourceBreaker is part of Bullhorn, they have unlimited access to the Bullhorn API, an investment in R&D, and enterprise access to a global resource. SourceBreaker can now support Bullhorn customers all around the world.

SourceBreaker has just released their Credit Limiter, the Candidate List, and Collaboration, and will introduce even deeper reporting in the near future, with more integrations with Bullhorn Analytics. In 2023, they’re looking to introduce CRM SourceBots, Ontology Transitions, and a Market Mapper. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to attract talent more easily and better engage them to create a true candidate community.

If you have any questions or would like a demo of SourceBreaker, get in touch with your account manager.

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