When Len Adams founded Adams Consulting Group in 2002, he wanted to leverage his 30+ years of experience to provide a unique and customer-centric approach to recruiting and temporary staffing. Today, ACG boasts a consistent track record of meeting the talent acquisition needs of some of the biggest and most prestigious local and global corporations. Part of Adams’ success is due to an intimate knowledge of the entire life cycle of recruiting and what is required in order to cultivate a successful staffing and consulting agency. One piece of the equation is finding the right partner in staffing software, and for Adams, Bullhorn was the perfect solution.

The Challenge

Adams Consulting Group was utilizing another applicant tracking system, but there were obvious flaws. “We were using Tempus Fugit,” recalled Adams. “The software was slow, antiquated, and not robust enough to keep up with my business. There was no remote capability, and we were tethered to a server. It certainly couldn’t help us reach our greatest heights.” Adams realized if he wanted his business to achieve its fullest potential, he would need a solution that could be updated easily without disruptive downtime and could also provide remote capabilities. Additionally, he needed reporting that could offer valuable insight, and a solution that would promote efficiency and accountability amongst his staff.

The Solution

Adams demoed several applicant tracking vendors, but other solutions promised cutting-edge technology and instead delivered dated processes. “We vetted JobDiva along with a few others, and Bullhorn very quickly emerged as the front runner in terms of what we wanted,” remarked Adams. “Bullhorn was energetic in its approach to provide the best solution on the market. It was clear early-on that they were the most committed to providing innovation and world-class support.”

“We vetted JobDiva along with a few others, and Bullhorn very quickly emerged as the front runner in terms of what we wanted.” -Len Adams Adams Consulting Group

Technology as a Driver of Growth

The benefits of having a True Cloud system are many. With Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Adams Consulting Group has the ability to support remote workers, which in turn promotes speed and accountability. “Having our information at the fingertips of every recruiter no matter where they are located means nothing is missed,” Adams noted. “The comprehensive relationship tracking Bullhorn provides enables us to better service our clients with agility and reliability.” Bullhorn’s entirely web-based solution also ensures that features and functionalities are added and updated continually and are implemented without disruptive downtime.

In addition to the scalability and remote access Bullhorn provides, detailed reporting allows Adams to drill down into his team’s results and continuously improve his processes. “My agency is focused on technology as a primary driver for growth, and we’re always searching for process improvement,” Adams commented. “Bullhorn’s reporting provides my team with the intelligence they need to win more new clients and expand relationships with existing clients. We’ve seen a 60% increase in business year-over-year.”

A Front-to-Back Solution with Bullhorn

Adams and his team have seen such positive results with Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system that ACG has implemented an entire suite of Bullhorn products. “In addition to using Bullhorn to track our client and candidate relationships, we’ve deployed a suite of solutions that address the needs of the entire recruiting life cycle,” Adams stated. “We use Bullhorn Back Office to automate our entire time sheet process and it’s an amazing timesaver. It’s so easy for our contractors to use.”

From sourcing to applicant tracking and client relationship management to back office processes, Bullhorn has driven productivity for ACG throughout the entire staffing life cycle. Adams and his team cannot wait to see what Bullhorn produces next. “Bullhorn continues to innovate, and we love trying their new solutions as they’re released,” stated Adams. “It’s like when Apple releases a new product — I don’t know what new products are going to be released, but once they are, I have to have them. What we’ve implemented with Bullhorn has been invaluable.”

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?