Aurec, a Randstad company, is an innovative technology, banking, finance, and life sciences recruitment company that truly understands the importance of investing in people, training, and state-of-the-art technology. First formed in Sydney in 2002 by Craig Bowater and Saul Kwintner, Aurec’s growth story has been nothing short of inspirational. The duo brought a highly developed recruitment skillset to the region and combined it with a mantra of flexibility, innovation, and focus, resulting in explosive success.

Aurec expanded into Singapore and Canberra in 2005, which saw the company win a place on Financial Review’s BRW Fast 100 in 2008 and paved the way for further growth. By 2010, Aurec had further expanded into Hong Kong and Melbourne, working alongside many of the largest blue chip clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Challenge

In the early days of Aurec’s journey to success, challenges arose around finding the right software platform for the company’s ever-changing needs. Over the years, Aurec have worked with some of the leading suppliers in the recruitment sector but became frustrated with the lack of development, features, and customer support offered. Aurec decided that in order to be agile it needed to be cloud-based in every system—infrastructure, accounts, and most importantly, its recruitment system.

This recruitment system would need to provide its recruitment consultants with the best available technology. It would also need to be locally supported, usable in international markets, capable of global expansion, and comprised of cutting-edge technology. One simple solution presented itself: move operations to the cloud. “We wanted to move to the cloud because we understood that’s where the future of software would be,” said Craig Bowater, Executive Director. “Doing so would lower our overheads on internal servers and other hardware, and we knew a cloud-based system would be able to grow with us.”

The Solution

In its search for a new software provider, Aurec considered and weighed multiple cloud-based options, but found that many software providers were not able to provide a complete, flexible solution. On a mission to find a provider that could service all its needs reliably, Aurec landed on Bullhorn ATS & CRM.

Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Aurec leveraged great value from the Bullhorn Marketplace, as it allowed the team to invest in best-of-breed software that answered specific business issues. Taking full advantage of LinkedIn integration for social media, Daxtra for CV searching, Ebsta for collaboration, and InsightSquared for reporting and analytics, Aurec now have a complete powerhouse solution that enables the company’s growth rather than holding it back.

Since implementation, Aurec’s time spent on data management has been reduced by a total of 40%, resulting in an annual saving of $342,500. Leads transferred to sales have become more efficient and resulted in a quantifiable improvement in closure rates of 5%, ultimately increasing yearly revenue by over $1.2M. Reporting has also never been faster with time savings of 25%, resulting in an estimated annual return of $93,000.

“We like the fact that Bullhorn and its integrated solutions are constantly updated and improved upon,” commented Bowater. “Since implementation, we’ve seen real and quantifiable improvements to our business. The bottom line is Bullhorn has allowed us to make more placements and, in our opinion, is the best system available on the market.”

The Future

The future looks even more promising for Aurec as it continues to regularly exceed its targets and grow within the Asia-Pacific region. Craig Bowater is a self-proclaimed technology buff who’s always on the lookout for the next big thing that could give his business a competitive advantage, but he hasn’t been able to find a better and more complete ATS & CRM solution than Bullhorn.

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