Charlton Morris is a recruitment agency based in Leeds, UK, with offices in London, Manchester and Peterborough and has a little over 100 employees. They specialise in the Life sciences, Medical and Industrial sectors and have a unique vision. To change the way the world sees recruitment by giving their people and clients the best possible experience.

We met with Kris Holland, Director of Marketing & Revenue Operations, to learn more about the driver behind implementing Bullhorn Analytics (formerly cube19 by Bullhorn), their results, and how it has impacted their overall vision.

During Kris’ 8 years with the business, he has worked both as a recruiter and marketer and led the implementation of the four-day week by leveraging data generated from Charlton Morris.

The Challenge

Three years ago, Charlton Morris’ end-to-end processes weren’t as effective as they could be, and like many recruitment agencies,  whiteboards were relied upon to track KPIs. They decided to implement the Analytics & Reporting Platform, Bullhorn Analytics, to improve their Bullhorn CRM/ATS adoption throughout the business and strengthen their processes.

“We decided to go all-in with Bullhorn and needed something that would offer great visibility, could be interpreted easily and allow our consultants to take ownership of what they were doing. Bullhorn Analytics does exactly that“, Kris Holland said.

Since then, Charlton Morris launched their new vision centred around improving the customer and employee experience. Moving to a four-day week aligned with their vision of giving their people the best possible experience, but they needed to justify this commercially.

Bullhorn Analytics allowed us to see that the data backed up our decision to move to a four-day week,” said Kris.

The Solution

Justifying a four-day week with Bullhorn Analytics

Charlton Morris did a formal trial for four months before rolling it out permanently.

With Bullhorn Analytics, they measured their performance around efficiency with metrics such as time to fill, interview rates, the ratio of CVs sent to interviews and the number of jobs compared to fill rate. By using the Analytics Program, Slice & Dice, Trends and Oneview, they could measure their return on effort and look beyond merely top-line data.

Comparing data over three years with Bullhorn Analytics enabled us to look at data with a critical eye and be objective about it,” said Kris.


Streamlined processes

Bullhorn Analytics pulls information from the CRM and if this were to become everyone’s one-source-of-truth, it was vital to have good data hygiene from the start. They quickly adopted the saying “if it’s not in Bullhorn Analytics, it never happened”. This way, both consultants and business leaders would get a complete overview of processes and be able to quickly identify problem areas and areas of growth. All without a whiteboard!

According to Kris, “Bullhorn Analytics improves visibility and allows you to be much more analytical with everything you do. It encourages better practice and process mapping”.

The Results

Increased productivity even with a day less at work

Whilst trialling the four-day week, Charlton Morris kept a close eye on their productivity and key metrics. They found that their productivity had actually increased even with a day less at work.

After completing the trial, they achieved:

  • 26% faster fill-rate year-on-year
  • 7.6% increase in conversions from CV sent to interview
  • 11.1% more interviews booked per recruiter* during the four-month trial (due partly to the above efficiency improvement, but also to a slight improvement in CV sending activity per recruiter)
  • 1000% increase in internal candidate application when they announced the four-day week

“Bullhorn Analytics has transformed us as a business; it’s unrecognisable from a reporting and data perspective,” said Kris.

*It’s worth noting that an 11.1% improvement in interviews booked per recruiter is actually a 38.8% improvement in output per day, seeing as they reduced their hours by 20%.

Meeting their corporate vision

With Bullhorn Analytics, Charlton Morris can measure not just who their long-term and most profitable clients are, but what it takes to make them a long-term client. They use this knowledge to consult on processes that will give both clients and candidates the best possible outcome; a faster placement.

They’ve also used data points from Bullhorn Analytics to win new clients as they can now easily quantify the results they achieve for existing ones.

Unlike many data-driven agencies, they’ve scrapped revenue targets for their consultants and use them as milestones and a way for consultants to measure themselves by. Consultants are now empowered to find the most efficient way of working and can prioritise where to invest their (even more) precious time.

“Bullhorn Analytics is the central point of truth that allows us to analyse the most effective tool we’re using. Whether hitting the phones, putting together email marketing campaigns or taking a content-led approach to candidate or client acquisition, Bullhorn Analytics allows individuals to work in a way that is most effective for them”, said Kris.

This all ties into their overall vision: to provide the best possible experience for their people and customers.

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