Crucial Group is a professional information technology and services company providing cybersecurity & GDPR consulting, cybersecurity training at our state-of-the-art academy and global recruitment in the advanced technology markets.

The Challenge

As a startup, it was important to have a system that allowed for the easy navigation and access of consultant metrics to be able to measure growth and to support or guide consultants in their day to day activities. Crucial works across multiple sectors and needed a strong CRM system to support the infiltration of multiple markets whilst looking for niche candidates, and to enable collaborative working between consultants whose sectors merge, avoiding crossover when contacting candidates. Lack of ‘human touch’ when it comes to customer service, training, and support made it difficult to not only get consultants using the CRM up and running but also to ramp up new hires on the system quickly.

THe Solution

With Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Crucial fulfilled the following needs:

  • An easily customisable system that can be adapted to support multiple consultants working across multiple sectors, and scale with a growing business.
  • Works well with their current technology stack, and additional features from marketplace partners allow for maximum optimisation of the platform and efficiency in recruiting.
  • The platform is easily navigated, allowing for the collation of information and metrics in one place, offering a clearer insight into the business performance.
  • Provides one-on-one customer support and training to ensure understanding and clarity in using the platform.

Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Customer support ensures quick ramping and training team members using Bullhorn ATS & CRM. The customisable nature of the Bullhorn platform and available marketplace partners allows for tailoring of features to the agency’s needs. Better visibility and management of metrics and performance means that it’s easier to make the necessary changes to keep progressing the startup business efficiently whilst also fully supporting consultants, and providing clients with clear information into time to hire.

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