Digital Gurus is a fast-growing, award-winning branch of The ReThink Group, a provider of resourcing solutions and recruitment to the IT industry. Excelling in the business and technology sectors across the UK and Dubai, Digital Gurus, which was formed in 2005 as ReThink Recruitment, was named best IT recruitment agency in 2007 and has continued to grow since then. The 150 staff are all shareholders in the company, which motivates them to provide the most professional and effective service to clients and candidates possible.

The Challenge

Digital Gurus was using a combined CRM and email solution in its day-to-day operations but was unhappy with the functionality as it struggled to adequately track communications between its recruiters and their candidates. Performance issues left Operations Director Tim Jacob no choice but to re-enter the market for a more reliable and intuitive solution that was able to integrate with existing Digital Gurus business applications and software in both front and back office. Digital Gurus needed a system that allowed employees to work remotely with no loss of productivity and one that was highly scalable in order to lower the cost and complexity of planned expansion.

The Solution

Digital Gurus realised a number of the requirements could be met with a Software-as-a-Service solution accessed via an internet browser, as it meant employees could work from anywhere with an internet connection and new users could be added quickly and easily. With a SaaS solution, the back office IT would be housed, operated, and managed by the service provider; all Digital Gurus needed were PCs with internet connections.

“We chose Bullhorn because of its true cloud nature and its multi-tenant architecture,” Jacob explained. “This type of design means that updates and developments can be applied concurrently, benefiting all the users without them having to download patches every quarter.” Digital Gurus was also encouraged by the range of software available on the Bullhorn Marketplace, which included job posting and candidate search from Broadbean, a provider Digital Gurus had previously experienced great success with. Once a third party software solution is fully verified by Bullhorn and made available in the Marketplace, an end-user can switch it on and seamlessly begin using it within the Bullhorn ATS & CRM platform.

“We chose Bullhorn because of its true cloud nature and its multi-tenant architecture. This type of design means that updates and developments can be applied concurrently, benefiting all the users without them having to download patches every quarter.”
Tim Jacob, Digital Gurus

“It was pleasing to see that we could continue to use Broadbean within the Bullhorn platform. However, it was the pricing structure that was the most attractive factor for us,” Jacob said. “The number of staff we employ is constantly fluctuating due to our expansion and series of acquisitions—recruitment has subsequently become our biggest cost. Bullhorn’s model means we knew we wouldn’t have to pay more than necessary as users can easily be added, and all the heavy tech is managed by Bullhorn; that in turn allows us to manage our spending more closely,” Jacob said.

Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Unrestricted Growth

Since Digital Gurus went “live” with Bullhorn in February 2011, the platform has been deployed throughout the recruiter’s offices in the UK and Dubai. It has also been instrumental in a series of acquisitions the company has made.

Business Insight

An additional benefit has been the enhanced analytics reporting which has helped Digital Gurus understand more about patterns in the industry, allowing its recruiters to spot emerging trends within the sectors in which they work.

Competitive Advantage Through Forecasting

Digital Gurus uses Bullhorn to forecast and understand where and how it will fill vacancies and source candidate data, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Increased Speed and Agility

Aside from contextual data benefits, Bullhorn has reduced the time dedicated to sales and candidate sourcing, especially with the Broadbean integration which has saved Digital Gurus money on advertising and increased job posting efficiency.

Reduced IT System and Integration Costs

“A major plus has been the ability to roll out the SaaS platform across our newly acquired offices in Ireland, Singapore, and the US,” Jacob said. “Previously engineers would have been sent in to adapt the IT systems to suit our business process, but the work has been kept to a minimum, and we now have 185 recruiters using Bullhorn daily.”

Scalability with Customisation

“We worked with Bullhorn’s development team to localise the product and customise the automations to fit the Digital Gurus business processes–little subtleties are very important for us and the way we operate,” Jacob continued. “It’s reassuring to know these changes can be made quickly as we anticipate the way we use the platform will evolve as we grow.”

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