Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation was founded in 2007. Their goal is to support young talent around the world and provide career opportunities to them in Japan. Fourth Valley is in the middle of their digital transformation journey. They have digitised their operations, adopting Bullhorn in March 2020 and automation platform, Bullhorn Automation, soon after. We connected with Yuta Kato from Fourth Valley to find out more about what they’ve achieved so far with Bullhorn Automation and their plans for the future.

The Challenge

Prior to Bullhorn, Fourth Valley had built their own platform hosted on internal servers. As they embarked on their digital transformation journey, they realised their old processes could no longer support their business as all their data – candidate, job, and client – was fragmented. Their old system meant “we had to look at three sets of data separately and try to understand what was happening, there was no visibility or connection, Yuta stated. “It was time consuming and difficult for us to analyse ourselves and evaluate our performance”. This is when Fourth Valley began looking for an alternative solution and found Bullhorn. Bullhorn offered a sophisticated interface with access to candidate, client and job data all in one platform. “It meant we could operate in a more ideal way”, Yuta said.

Not long after using Bullhorn and looking to streamline their operations further, Yuta and his colleagues attended a Bullhorn Automation webinar on the advice of their account manager. During the webinar, they saw the importance of having good data health and the ability to take the burden of manual tasks away from consultants. “We noticed that most of our team were exhausted by routine recruitment work so we wanted to remove this pain by adopting a recruitment automation platform such as Bullhorn Automation”, Yuta explained.

The Solution

Automated Candidate Data Capture via Surveys

Since implementing Bullhorn Automation, Fourth Valley has been able to improve their overall data health. Fourth Valley provides a portal for candidates where they can log in to update their personal information including their spoken language, level of experience, nationality and current location. However, all too often they found candidates would not be proactively updating their information via the portal. Lacking this essential information made it very difficult for their team to act fast when opportunities arose. Now, they utilise surveys in Bullhorn Automation to collect the data they need, it is then automatically updated in Bullhorn. “Bullhorn Automation has been extremely useful in increasing our productivity”, Yuta stated. “It has definitely helped us accelerate our digital screening process”.


Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Automatic updates to candidate information using Bullhorn Automation were especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fourth Valley found a lot of their candidates overseas were displaced from their study or workplace due to the effects of the pandemic. Using Bullhorn Automation, they were able to easily track a candidate’s current location so they could offer positions and other relevant information based on real-time feedback.

Improved Relationships with Targeted Communication

The improvement in their data health has enabled better communications with candidates as well as stronger internal reporting. Fourth Valley candidates are a diverse group of different native speakers, with languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Prior to Bullhorn Automation, emails would be sent to each candidate in their preferred language but they regularly found the same person in multiple groups resulting in a poor candidate experience. “Bullhorn Automation has been able to help us accurately segment and engage our candidates based on language, ensuring they get the right messages promoting our projects in their local language”, Yuta explained.

Partnering with Bullhorn Team

Working with the Bullhorn team has been a positive experience. “Our account manager is professional and always understands our needs deeply before making suggestions to help in our processes. There’s never been a request left unsolved”, Yuta said. Similarly the Bullhorn support team “always follows up with queries until it is resolved, they liaise between teams and escalate issues when appropriate. The entire Bullhorn team has responded to us quickly and sincerely”.

The Future

Fourth Valley looks forward to continuing to build on their digital transformation journey with their whole team by expanding their current automations. “Using Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation, we are changing our mindset to increase efficiency within the team. We are able to create new solutions and establish better relationships with candidates and clients”. Yuta continues, “Bullhorn Automation’s intuitive interface has been great in helping us understand how we can set up new automations”.

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