Fuse Recruitment Partners with Bullhorn and Herefish by Bullhorn to Save Time and Build Relationships

Fuse Recruitment is an Australian-born recruitment agency focused on the Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Utilities and Insurance, and Wealth Management industries. It was established in 2010 through the collective vision of its co-founders Mathew Westcott, Tyson McNeilly, and Matthew Christensen to deliver recruiting services that genuinely meet candidate aspirations while satisfying the demanding requirements of business clients.

Today, Fuse Recruitment operates internationally and has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Mackay, Melbourne, Sydney, and London. Connecting these international offices is made possible through Bullhorn’s cloud-based recruitment technology. Keeping their database maintained across multiple offices is handled easily using Herefish by Bullhorn’s automation platform.

The Challenge

At inception, Fuse required an ATS & CRM that would be reliable and above all, adaptable enough to scale alongside them. The business started with only two users across Melbourne and Brisbane but supported by long term industry expertise, it expected to grow quickly. After assessing several options, Bullhorn ATS & CRM proved to be the best choice. According to Managing Director Mathew Westcott, other providers were relatively immature while Bullhorn had a proven track record of being a reliable cloud-based solution.

After 10 years of operations, Fuse’s candidate database had grown to over 315,000. The agency needed to find a way to keep its database cleansed and updated with the relevant information but to do it manually would have been a mammoth task. The Fuse team had a clear vision of the journey their candidates should have when engaging with their brand but their existing systems held them back from implementing that plan. This is when their team was introduced to Herefish by Bullhorn.

The Solution

With Bullhorn, Fuse Recruitment had a robust technological foundation in which information could be shared and managed across its multiple locations. Taking advantage of Bullhorn’s Marketplace Partner ecosystem, they were able to seamlessly integrate a payroll system, advanced job posting, and third party analytics. Now with a physical presence in many key locations across Australia, Fuse Recruitment focused on further streamlining operations.

Herefish by Bullhorn allows Fuse to automate and remove previously time-consuming manual tasks increasing the team’s efficiency. Nicole Hart, Marketing Manager, states, “Candidates are now able to update their information easily via surveys with Herefish automatically feeding that back into Bullhorn.” This simple automation has saved many hours of data entry and enables their team to re-engage with older candidates that came into the database many years ago. For Nicole on the marketing front, “it’s been a life-changer.” They now have full control over the candidate and client journey, controlling when and where key engagements with Fuse will occur.

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The Results

According to Mathew, the biggest benefits of Bullhorn’s ATS & CRM platform are reliability and flexibility. Bullhorn’s monthly product updates and enhancements mean Fuse is able to remain at the forefront of technology. From a service delivery standpoint, Bullhorn has allowed Fuse Recruitment to be incredibly responsive and agile, managing workflow regardless of geographical barriers.

Utilising Herefish, Fuse now has had better more constant communication with its candidates. Through automated surveys sent to candidates, they are able to capture essential information such as skills and job categories which are searchable by their consultants for better matching results. Every interaction and response is noted directly into Bullhorn. With the automations in place there is less room for human error. “With the regular engagement, our brand is front of mind for both our candidates and clients,” Nicole notes.

The Future

The future looks promising for Fuse Recruitment as it seeks to bolster its client and candidate relationship programs. The company as a whole has been growing up to 40% every year since implementation, and with the recent global events, Mathew believes Bullhorn will prove instrumental in managing their forecasted growth to connect consultants and onboard new hires. On the Herefish front, Nicole is excited to “keep pushing the boundaries on how we can use Herefish to improve our offerings for clients and candidates.”

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