Heat Recruitment was established in 2005. Starting as a small operation, the company’s growth led them to move and set up a headquarters in Central Bristol. They specialise in various markets, including legal, insurance, financial services, digital and tech and sales.

Heat Recruitment has been operating on the Bullhorn platform for eight years. In 2018, they were looking at options for scaling their business, and determined Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics was a path to streamlining their business processes. The company adopted technology as a catalyst for innovation and growth, driving improvements across its various functions.


Client and candidate experience was of utmost priority, with Heat Recruitment focused on making long-term partnerships with a goal of understanding their clients better. The longer we work with the client, the better we understand them, their values, their culture and what they’re looking for,” says Marcus Granville, Operations Director at Heat Recruitment. Clients wanted regular updates on their contracts, necessitating proactive tracking of contract end dates. The agency sought to leverage automation and data-driven marketing to provide a more personalised experience and, in turn, establish a stronger foothold in the market.

Additionally, using external tools meant consultants had a disconnect with their communications where they had to use several systems and consolidate data, Heat Recruitment recognised the value of equipping its consultants with a single essential tool, enabling them to support the candidate using live marketing results. They aimed to provide comprehensive training and support to their recruitment team for more effective tool usage, enhance their services, improve client and candidate experiences, and ensure contract retention.

The solution

Heat Recruitment identified Bullhorn Automation as the solution they wanted to adopt to ensure that contract timelines and communications were closely monitored, while avoiding any oversight. The agency invested in training its consultants to ensure they could use the available tools effectively. This training was crucial in making the most of the advanced technology and achieving a seamless workflow. After connecting both the marketing and sales teams, monthly meetings between associate directors of each team enabled real-time data sharing and discussions about market trends and demands. This approach facilitated the swift response to market changes and effective content creation for various sectors.

Client and candidate experience: Heat Recruitment’s adoption of Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics allowed them to provide a personalised and tailored experience for both clients and candidates. They use real-time data to understand their needs and preferences, ensuring the right messages reach candidates and clients at the right time, “relevant to their industry, their skill set, and down to their geography” adds Marcus Granville, Technical Operations Director at Heat Recruitment

Segmentation: Bullhorn Automation helps Heat Recruitment segment their client and candidate base effectively, ensuring relevant information is delivered to the right people based on their industry, skills, and location. “The level of segmentation detail we get now means that we know people are getting our message thats personal to them,” says Marcus. As a result, Heat Recruitment experienced a 60% increase in website traffic and a 20% rise in email automation traffic. The agency’s strategic marketing campaigns contributed to significant growth. The salary survey initiative led to new client acquisitions and expanded business opportunities.

Real-time visibility: “Bullhorn Analytics has allowed real-time visibility into what’s happening, helping us to make strategic decisions,” says Marcus, being able to identify areas of concern, and capitalise on trends to drive performance and consistency has enabled Heat Recruitment to act swiftly on any potential areas of concern.

Contract Retention and Redeployment: Bullhorn Automation supports Heat Recruitment’s consultants in managing contract retention and redeployment. It enables the proactive coaching and support of contract workers in their final months to explore all available options, improving retention rates.

Improved Data Management: Bullhorn Automation aids in data management and notifications, reducing administrative work and helping consultants focus on building relationships with clients and candidates.

Year on year we're up 60% in terms of traffic to our website, and traffic from email and automation is one of the top two kinds of sources. I think that once again it just comes down to the fact that people are seeing the right stuff at the right time.
Marcus Granville Operations Director, Heat Recruitment

The results

Heat Recruitment’s proactive approach to technology adoption has enabled them to support their consultants to focus on what they do best. They deployed data-driven analytics to track contract end dates and monitor key metrics. Automation was used to generate visual alerts and notifications to ensure that no critical dates were overlooked, providing clients with timely updates enabling Heat Recruitment to increase client value by 10% each year since 2016 and an impressive 30% in 2021, and 20% in 2022! Automated contract tracking improved the efficiency of operations, ensuring clients received weekly check-ins, updates, and experiences. The risk of missing contract milestones was mitigated, bolstering client satisfaction.

By closely tracking user interactions with the website, Heat Recruitment implemented targeted marketing campaigns. When users viewed specific pages or showed particular interests, the agency leveraged automation to launch campaigns tailored to their needs, enhancing client engagement.


Heat Recruitment demonstrates how a proactive approach to technology adoption, along with their adoption of Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics, can lead to substantial benefits in the highly competitive recruitment sector. Their focus on delivering a personalised experience to clients and candidates, along with their commitment to building long-term relationships, sets them apart in the industry. Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics have played a pivotal role in their success by driving efficiency, improving visibility, and supporting contract retention. As Heat Recruitment continues to expand and diversify, their innovative approach to technology will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of their operations.

The team can certainly spend more time building relationships now than they ever could before.
Marcus Granville Technical Operations Director, Heat Recruitment

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