INSIDE Recruitment is a strong purpose led business striving to enable people and organisations to thrive. Founded in 2009, by partners Troy Turner and Dale Gray their mission is to ‘Think fresh and connect people to purpose, to better Aotearoa, New Zealand.’ Today, they offer their services throughout New Zealand, working to connect senior leaders and executives to businesses across the country. Kate Condick, Associate Director, People Experience at INSIDE Recruitment said “We’re about creating strong connections, we’re very relationship driven. We believe that if people know us, like us, trust us then they’ll refer to us and that’s how we’ll grow organically.”

We recently caught up with Kate to discuss how they’ve used Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation to power their team, enabling them to build stronger relationships.

The Challenge

INSIDE Recruitment has been partnering with Bullhorn for over seven years now. Prior to Bullhorn, they utilised a system that was not fully cloud based. They faced constant outages and knew it was time for a change. At the time, Troy was “looking for a CRM that wasn’t just going to suit their needs at that particular moment, they were looking to grow as well”, at that time Troy decided to go with Bullhorn after seeing that it would help them grow and achieve their business goals.

Kate joined INSIDE Recruitment four years ago to focus on enhancing the experience of people interacting with the business. This encompassed their candidates, clients as well as internal staff. She designed a ‘Candidate Experience Framework’ but found a number of barriers to implementing it. Inputting tasks and reminders into Bullhorn for consultants required their support team to do a large amount of manual data entry, taking at least 10 minutes per set of reminders. They found due to a number of years on the system and some human error, the data integrity of the platform had diminished. On top of that, INSIDE Recruitment was using a third party survey tool, adding to their data dilemmas. Kate explained, “We didn’t know the placements the [survey] responses were connected to and couldn’t follow up on them easily. It wasn’t aligning the two worlds of data.” This is when they discovered Bullhorn Automation.

The Solution

With the help of Bullhorn Automation, INSIDE Recruitment has been able to restore their data integrity within Bullhorn. Kate said, “Using Bullhorn Automation has helped us make Bullhorn the source of truth and made sure the data is correct. We’ve linked quite a few systems to our Bullhorn database and it’s just allowed everything to remain true and correct.” She continued, “[We’ve used] automation to update our fields to ensure that data remains accurate and then we can build off that. It just takes away those low value underlying administrative tasks, takes away the human error and then all of a sudden your data is really good to play with.”

Using Bullhorn Automation, Kate has been able to implement their Candidate Experience Framework to enhance their candidate’s experience. Kate has used multiple channels – tasks in Bullhorn, email notifications, surveys – for their team and candidates to ensure candidates are contacted at the right moments with the relevant information they need. “It’s allowed us to implement that framework and manipulate that framework to how we want to do it”, Kate said. Their surveys are now sent from Bullhorn Automation, allowing INSIDE Recruitment to gain the visibility it lacked previously. They can send surveys that relate directly to the candidate, the client and the placement. The response data is brought directly back into Bullhorn so that consultants can see it and take the necessary actions. “It allows us to go back out and reconnect with candidates and clients”, Kate stated.

The Results

Since implementing Bullhorn Automation along with Bullhorn, INSIDE Recruitment has seen a number of positive results. Kate noted the ease at which they can “configure Bullhorn itself.” She explains further, “If you want a new field, you can create that field and then pull that through the automation as well. So you’ve basically got this infinite number of ways to use it, it’s been amazing from that perspective.” She adds, “Automation has allowed us to update the right fields for us to stay connected and nurture our talent pools, both candidates and clients.” One of the core values at INSIDE Recruitment is to be ‘refreshingly personal’. So Kate acknowledges they don’t want to automate everything and take away the human touch, rather it’s about “striking the right balance” and using automation to assist their teams in enhancing the ‘people experience’.

With Bullhorn now their single source of truth, their teams across the business are more connected. This includes their support team, consultants and the finance team. “So our finance team works really closely with our support team and just being able to bring that data together to give them important updates as well,” Kate said. Additionally with their support team freed from manual data entry, they’ve been able to form stronger connections with INSIDE Recruitment’s candidates and clients.

INSIDE Recruitment has experienced a huge amount of organic growth using Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation. They’ve gone from about 15 people to over 40 staff over the last few years. “We would not have been able to scale up the way that we have without the use of those tools”, Kate stated. “We’ve been able to optimise the potential of Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation to provide consistency, drive best practices and adoption, engage more with our candidates and clients whilst finding the balance between personal and automated processes and still being refreshingly personal”, Kate said.

The Future

Looking to the future, Kate knows INSIDE Recruitment will continue to refer back to their strong culture, mission and purpose in everything they do. They plan to continue their strong organic growth which will help them to achieve their mission ‘to enable people and organisations to thrive with purpose around them’. This will ensure they can continue to provide their high levels of service too.

In the technology side of things, “the possibilities are infinite”, Kate stated. “In the last 4 years, we’ve been able to achieve that level of data integrity and now we’ve got that base we can really explode into the future”, Kate added. INSIDE Recruitment will also use technology to nurture their talent pools and engage with clients. She hopes Bullhorn combined with Bullhorn Automation will be able to “further help us use omni-channels”. She continues, “We want to be creating channels for the right audience. For example, using emails for the slightly older generation, chatbots for the slightly younger generation…That’s going to help us in the future.”

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