In September of 2000, Jonathan Crane, President of Integrity Staffing, had just sold a publishing business and was looking towards his next venture. He overheard a family member discussing the recruiting business, and although he knew little about the industry, his interest was piqued. After recognising a growing demand for industrial staffing in the surrounding area, he founded Integrity Staffing.

Jonathan describes the first year of Integrity Staffing as a series of “unconventional” practices to gain new business. He canvassed the area looking for pallets outside of potential clients’ businesses and would head in the loading dock door to speak with someone to gain a lead. Admittedly, the first year was a slow one, but Integrity experienced steady growth. “I did things my own way and it worked out,” says Jonathan. Eventually, its growth had plateaued and they weren’t seeing strong avenues for growth.

The Challenge

Jonathan realised that they needed to make investments into the right technology to move forward. Before implementing Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Jonathan and his team were using FileMaker, spreadsheets, and QuickBooks to organise their contacts. It was a challenging time for the business, as the processes were time consuming, prone to errors, and candidates would get lost in the system. To resolve these issues, Jonathan knew they needed to find a CRM that would:

  • Go-live quickly to accelerate growth
  • Automate processes to cut back on manual data entry
  • Offer an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for organisation

A colleague told Jon that he needed to look into Bullhorn ATS & CRM, and after a brief research period, Jon found that Bullhorn offered the best solution for his company’s needs and decided to implement it. “It’s been absolutely perfect,” Jon says of his partnership with Bullhorn.

The Solution

Integrity doubles down with Bullhorn

In the last 18 months, Integrity Staffing has invested further in the business in multiple ways, including new computers and Bullhorn software. During that time, sales have increased more than 60%, from $4M to in the range of $6.5-7M. “Ramping our business has been easier with Bullhorn,” says Jonathan. “Bullhorn allows us to work faster, expedites placements, and has led to incredible growth. It’s really been pivotal to our growth.” Now, 16 years after its founding, Integrity is grossing more in one week than it did in its first year. “We really rely on Bullhorn,” says Jonathan.

Bullhorn allows us to work faster, expedites placements, and has led to incredible growth. It’s really been pivotal to our growth. It has brought our office out of pre-historic times and into the technology of the future.
Jonathan Crane President, Integrity Staffing

The Results

Integrity was built on three pillars: maintaining dedication to clients’ needs, creating a personal touch with customer service, and a commitment to local businesses. Bullhorn is perfectly aligned with Integrity’s duty to service and loyalty. Bullhorn’s proactive intelligence and complete access to communication history enables Jonathan’s team to offer a more personal touch when communicating with their clients. Additionally, the easy-to-use mass mailing tool improves the team’s ability to nurture those relationships. Jonathan describes Integrity’s approach as a “marriage of technology and personality.”

“Bullhorn has brought our office out of pre-historic times and into the technology of the future,” comments Jonathan. “Bullhorn’s platform is easy to grasp and allows my team to collaborate better than we have before. And with Bullhorn, our growth potential is virtually unlimited. We’re no longer trapped in a cage.”

The Future

With Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Jonathan knows that Integrity will continue to grow without sacrificing its core values. He explains, “Integrity believes that maintaining relationships with our existing clients is more important than growing into new areas.” He’s confident that their partnership with Bullhorn will assist them in nurturing their client relationships moving forward. “We’re extremely pleased,” says Jonathan. “Bullhorn is an incredibly strong solution. I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up and am happy to recommend it to small firms looking to grow their business.”

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