Perks People Solutions is a very successful Adelaide based recruitment and HR firm. They enable businesses to create high-performing teams through pragmatic, contemporary and business-focused HR and recruitment solutions.

Bullhorn recently connected with Matthew Hobby, Director of Perks People Solutions to speak about their transition to the Bullhorn CRM including the early successes they’ve seen and the excitement they feel for the future on the platform.

The Challenge

Perks People Solution is a small agency of 10 staff who provide many services in a diverse way. “We do retained, contingent, selected services and then we have a HR consulting business which are all quite different in how we interact with our clients”, Matthew explained. “We really wanted a system that was scalable and malleable so that we could shape it the way we want for our business”. Previously when searching for a new platform they found “most of the other systems were pretty much just out of the box solutions”, which didn’t enable them to customise a platform to meet their needs.

For Perks People Solutions, being able to track email correspondence with candidates and clients is vital especially in today’s environment. Having visibility across conversations means that everyone in the business can be across what stages a role is up to and what conversations have taken place. “Our previous provider was unable to track email correspondence we sent to candidates and clients. The issue we had was that it took 3 clicks to save an email, in order to move it from Outlook into JobAdder”, Matthew explained. This was something they felt was essential to the success of their business and because of its importance, they decided it was time to look around for a new system.

The Solution

When beginning their search for a new system, Perks People Solutions narrowed their choice down to two providers. “I have had the joy of looking at many systems over my journey in recruitment. Because of this we narrowed down our search to Bullhorn and one other system which we decided wasn’t quite appropriate for agency use” detailed Matthew.

Matthew was already familiar with Bullhorn CRM, as they had considered the system initially, when they first set up the company. Due to their growing need for increased visibility and customisations, they made the change from JobAdder to Bullhorn. Perks People Solutions partnered with Bullhorn in 2021.“Our HR consulting arm of the business does not deal with candidates and their processes and workflows are quite different. We liked that we are able to customise the system to suit their needs”, Matthew detailed. “Bullhorn’s ability to be tailored, more so than our previous system, was a real selling point. We felt that the tool was also very good at tracking business development and sales and was great at tracking opportunities”.

Another feature that influenced Perks People Solution was Bullhorn’s ability to track every email. “In the current environment having an audit trail of correspondence between clients and candidates I feel is important. Having this as a manual process we felt was a large risk to carry”, detailed Matthew.

Perks People Solutions are also in the process of implementing Bullhorn’s automation tool Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics, a reporting and analytics tool. For Matthew, “The ability to automate processes was very attractive to us. What we are trying to achieve is a system that allows us to use automation and business intelligence to make our processes as streamline as possible so we can make sure we get our consultants focused on the right activities at the right time. I felt that this would be the best solution to do that”

Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Perks People Solutions are early in their journey with Bullhorn however they have already seen some major benefits in using Bullhorn as a business development tool. “We have identified that using the system to track our opportunities has enabled us to keep in touch with potential jobs. The system has helped us focus on what jobs we are working, what jobs we are chasing and has resulted in us being able to pick up more work faster”, Matthew explained.

Another benefit Matthew has experienced, due to Bullhorn being a comprehensive system, is an increase in the quality of meetings he can have with his consultants due to having better data at his fingertips. “The visibility of the system has also enabled us to service customers better from an account management perspective. The owner of an account can be across specific jobs even if they aren’t working it, enabling us to be on the front foot”, Matthew explained.

The Future

Matthew explained that the most exciting part of making the switch to Bullhorn is what the future holds. “In the next 3-6 months when we are utilising the system fully along with Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics I think we will be realising all the opportunities it will create for us”, he explained. For Perks People Solutions, “a major challenge for our business previously was that we had a large database of candidates we weren’t able to keep in touch with as we cover many different markets. The combination of Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation we see will make our system really sophisticated”, said Matthew. “I feel we will be able to communicate with a lot of candidates, keep them warm and when the right job comes in we can rely on the system as opposed to just our memories”.

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