The Challenge

Technology roadblocks

While Randstad had a clear goal—give their employees more time to focus on what matters by eliminating manual work and wasted time—their existing technology solutions weren’t equipped to meet their ambitious plans.

“When there’s confusion in the recruitment process stemming from your technology, you run the risk that you won’t be able to contact your candidates quickly enough, that you won’t understand what offers you’ve made to the candidates, or measure your success,” Wissfield explained.

Choosing a Provider

Why Bullhorn?

Why did Randstad Germany choose Bullhorn Connexys to fuel the next step of their journey?  Patrick Wamelink has been at Randstad for over 20 years and is responsible for developing their front office system. He explains that the decision came down to the Bullhorn’s technology and understanding of their business: “Bullhorn has consultants who really understand what our business is all about. We chose Bullhorn because they had already worked out a lot of aspects such as candidate workflow, suggestions, integration with Gmail, and so on—all so that we could get faster and faster.”

Another major part of the appeal with Bullhorn, Wamelink explains, is that it opens endless possibilities for future growth and technological development. “The solution makes it possible to consider more and more end processes—and this means we know exactly which candidates add the most value to which jobs. We’re talking about artificial intelligence or how can we still better find the right candidates with new technologies! From my perspective, this is only possible through an interaction between Bullhorn and Randstad. We try to make this happen every day.”

The Results

Recruiters spend their time where it matters most

Wamelink says the integration of Bullhorn—which has been live since the end of March 2019— has had a transformative impact on the company: “Bullhorn’s solution has put the data at our fingertips. We are now able to measure end-to-end processes more efficiently because we have much more data upfront in the system, bringing us more actionable information to improve and speed-up more admin-intense processes. It allows our consultants to work faster and more efficiently.”

In their old system, Wamelink notes, they measured the time spent on six key processes:

  • Candidate creation and qualification
  • CV generation and management
  • Applicant management
  • Proposal
  • Job creation
  • Customer data and report activity

Randstad now reports major improvements across nearly all of these performance indicators. Some of the top benefits they’ve noted:

  • Consultants trace applicants with greater transparency, resulting in more successful candidate matches.
  • Recruiters spend less than 15 minutes on applicant qualification—less than half as long as they spent using their previous system
  • With more data in the system than before, admin processes become more efficient, allowing consultants to focus on more strategic tasks.

“Our colleagues say that since they started using Bullhorn, they can do many things more effectively and faster. Work is more sustainable and transparent. Since the introduction of our front office, they can do many things in a single tool and on a single platform. By introducing Bullhorn and our Front Office, we can now all work on one single platform in a very transparent and sustainable manner.”

Danny Edler, Randstad Germany

The Future

Endless Possibilities

Wamelink is excited for the next steps of their partnership with Bullhorn: “Adoption of Bullhorn’s solution was simple and quick. We were able to roll out quickly with positive output after a short training of the consultants. The Bullhorn team understands our business and, alongside the right tech solution, our partnership is off to a strong start.”

Wissfeld agrees: “After all, we know that we want to go a long way together, that markets are changing, and that we are living in a time where things move quickly. Considering all these factors, we really need a partner who can do all this with us. And Bullhorn is that partner.”

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