RareKind is a full service recruitment and HR consultancy with diverse niche specialists that provide whole business, people and cultural advantage to their clients. They have four offices servicing Greater Western Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and beyond.

We spoke with Emily Bowen, Chief Operations Officer at Rarekind to get an insight into how our Bullhorn team in Australia has been able to support their agency and provide their team with a transparent, easy to use platform.

The Challenge

Prior to Bullhorn, Rarekind had been using an on-premise ATS solution. “We were approached by our provider to say that they upgraded their product and that it was time for us to make a shift to their new cloud based technology”, Emily explained. She continued, “Through these discussions we discovered it wasn’t as simple as just switching the system over and the process would be the same as implementing a whole new product.”

Rarekind took the opportunity to explore other technologies on the market to make sure they were on the best platform to support their business going forward. “For us as a business, it was one of those moments where technology required us to catch up”, Emily said. They assessed Bullhorn, FastTrack360 and JobAdder. After undergoing a thorough discovery and evaluation process Rarekind ultimately chose Bullhorn. “Bullhorn for us really represented being right at the cutting edge of technology in recruitment. As far as being a genuine leading recruitment partner, Bullhorn was definitely a standout”, Emily stated.

The Solution

Bullhorn has been a reliable platform for Rarekind since they joined over four years ago. Their team has widely adopted Bullhorn due to the system’s intuitive nature and ease of use. Bullhorn’s Marketplace Partner pre-built integrations meant Rarekind have had the flexibility to use systems that best suit their needs. “We would rather go out and work with products that are the experts in what they do. Bullhorn allowed us to not only have a strong CRM/ATS platform, but we could then add to it in a way that meant we were getting the best of what was on offer in the market”, Emily explained.

Bullhorn has continually evolved and made developments to suit the changing nature of the recruitment industry and Rarekind has been kept abreast of these via their strong account management relationship. Emily highlighted, “We really do feel like we are a part of something that has a youthfulness and freshness to it but is also highly reliable. I not only mean this for the product itself but also all of the people and the infrastructure that comes with being a customer.” She continued, “Rarekind as a business is growing very quickly and very intentionally and Bullhorn felt like a partner that was up for that challenge.”

Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Bullhorn has been well integrated at Rarekind becoming a key part of their operations. A large portion of their team “live within Bullhorn to do their jobs”. “The fact that the system is easy to use, looks nice and makes sense in regards to how we do our jobs is so important”, Emily stated. Critically, Rarekind do not feel there is any missing functionality limiting their ability to place talented people into great positions.

Rarekind have seen efficiency gains in their consultants ability to move quickly through the workflow. Their processes and communication have also been streamlined by Bullhorn’s transparent nature. They use notes on records, and assign notes to the relevant person on their team to ensure clear communication, eliminating any chance of double handling. Emily noted, “Although basic, it centres around communication and how one consultant can be dealing with a candidate or client, record it and then anyone looking at that file can also review it. I do feel that the ability to move through the workflow, keep records and communicate comes to the forefront of my mind as one of the biggest wins.”

“Bullhorn really seems to understand the culture and the market we are working in”. Bullhorn’s local APAC team based in Sydney, Australia have always been present to assist Rarekind when they need. The Bullhorn Support team in particular, have been an invaluable resource for Rarekind. “From an Australian point of view it’s awesome to have local support from Bullhorn within the same time zone. It’s a great mix of Bullhorn being an international business, which you feel, but at the same time feels extremely local. The sturdiness and resources that come with being a bigger business is awesome and from a day to day perspective, being able to deal with the local team, I feel is the perfect balance”, said Emily.

The Future

Looking to the future with Bullhorn, Rarekind is excited to enhance their candidate and client experience with automation. They are in the process of implementing Bullhorn’s Automation platform. “I am so very excited for what that will bring in regards to ramping up our communication, our data health and customer experience. I know when it comes to automation and efficiencies, Bullhorn Automation is going to be next level for us”, Emily explained.

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