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How Silver Swan Mastered Reporting and Expanded Its Platform with Bullhorn

Silver Swan Recruitment, founded in 2013, is a specialised recruitment agency that sources hospitality professionals for residences, yachts, and jets worldwide. Headquartered in London, the agency services clients globally with predominance in the Middle East and Europe.

The Challenge

With candidates accessing Silver Swan’s website from yachts, jets, and villas around the globe, the agency began to notice a pattern; few candidates were accessing their website from their desktop and as such, they needed a job board that accommodated them. Silver Swan then set out to create an integrated job board that would enable candidates to apply to roles easily, remotely, and on-the-go. It wasn’t long, however, until Silver Swan realized that their existing system couldn’t support that development. “Our previous CRM only offered one API call, and we needed unlimited,” Phillipa said. “In our opinion, it was never going to work with our new piece of technology the way we wanted it to.”

Underscoring the need for a change in CRM providers was the fact that reporting capabilities were also limited with their current provider. Phillipa Smith, Managing Director at Silver Swan, explained that reporting wasn’t working well and support around those issues was less than ideal. “I just wanted to press a button and get a report, but the information was often incorrect,” Phillipa explained. “The frustration came with every time I called because I would get somebody different who would tell me something different. I wasn’t making any progress over the course of 12 months. We were just getting frustrated with what we believed were poor levels of customer service,” Phillipa explained.

The Solution

Once it became clear to Philippa that they would have to move solutions in order to continue to develop their platform and grow as a company, she turned to her recruitment network to research a new solution. “In the recruitment network, it’s always been Bullhorn against the CRM we were using, and I think quite a lot of people were frustrated about the same things at the same time. So it was nice to hear people say, ‘we’ve gone to Bullhorn, it’s really good!’”


“When I was getting frustrated with our CRM, Bullhorn was my natural next step because that was one of the solutions I knew about from the beginning.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


Silver Swan purchased Bullhorn in 2019 and invested in Bullhorn marketplace partner TextKernel. “Someone came in person to get things set up,” Phillipa said. “It’s quite nice to have that face-to-face contact at the beginning and to have people answer the phone or email immediately and not be charged every time they do—which is what was happening before Bullhorn.”


“We had to move CRMs in order for the development of our platform to continue.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


Demo Bullhorn

The Results

Job Board Integration

Moving to Bullhorn ATS & CRM—a system with an open API—meant that Silver Swan was able to continue with the development of their integrated job board; a tool that allows candidates to build a profile on their website, swipe through jobs, and apply to roles with the click of a button. The two-way integration means that candidate profiles are automatically imported as candidate records in Bullhorn and vacancies in Bullhorn immediately appear on the Silver Swan website. The Silver Swan team can manage everything within Bullhorn, which, according to Phillipa, has “massively reduced the amount of time recruiters have spent doing administrative work in the office.”


“The goal was to have a CRM that would integrate well with the applications that we’ve built—and it does. Bullhorn has been great in that sense; it’s done everything we need it to do.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


Ease of Use and Efficiency

While Phillipa’s primary concern when switching CRMs was to find a system that integrated well with their custom job board, she found Bullhorn to be a much more customisable and user-friendly solution.

According to Phillipa, “On Bullhorn, user experience has definitely improved and internal processes are easier now, including setting up and tracking KPIs and reporting on key metrics. That’s something we didn’t have before because our experience was that our previous CRM was too much of a bull to do it with.”


“We’re much more streamlined and effective as a business, my reporting is much easier, and it’s a better experience for the candidates now that they can track where they are in the recruitment process.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


With the addition of Bullhorn, Silver Swan was able to increase its overall output. “We started managing our time more effectively and were able to get more out of our day. Ultimately, it’s had a positive effect on the number of placements we’re doing with our existing business.” Phillipa added, “everyone finds it really easy. Bullhorn is much more customisable and flexible. The consultants can set individual goals and set up their dashboard how they want, it’s much better.”


One of the largest differentiators between Silver Swan’s previous system and Bullhorn is their access to support resources. “Having the relationship that we have with our Relationship Manager is great,” Phillipa said. “We’ve never had an Account Manager before, so it’s great having someone who is available.”


“You get what you pay for, and with Bullhorn, I feel like the level of support is much better to get set up and making changes has always been really easy.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


Further, while training on Silver Swan’s previous system could be as costly as $200/hour, new hires now begin their training on The Bullhorn Learning Hub, taking six beginner courses that acclimate new users to Bullhorn, free of charge.


“Having a CRM that just works really, really well all the time sounds like a basic requirement but that’s what we get from Bullhorn and that’s what we need: a reliable platform that just works.”
Philippa Smith Managing Partner, Silver Swan Recruitment


The Future

As Silver Swan continues to grow, its focus will shift to expanding the reach of its integrated jobs platform by giving other Bullhorn clients the opportunity to invest in the technology. Silver Swan is excited to see how the platform expands and allows its business and others to better their candidate experience.

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