Talascend is a leading global supplier of resourcing solutions to the technical sector. Over the past 60 years, the company has consistently supplied bespoke recruitment services to the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Talascend employ over 1,100 staff to work on databases of more than 300,000 candidates and has offices situated all over the world, including London, Bristol, and Sheffield. Talascend’s clients range from London Underground to Bechtel and Ford.

The Challenge

As a global organisation with offices from Detroit to London to New Delhi, Talascend needed to adopt an efficient system that would allow for optimum business continuity while maximising communications. Talascend’s existing system was suffering from a number of shortcomings, which were accentuated by company expansion, followed by its MPS Global takeover in October 2008 (the combined company took Talascend’s name).

The poor reporting functionality of its system was resulting in a lack of recruiter visibility within the organisation and therefore an inefficient use of resources. Insufficient sales tracking was a major repercussion. Talascend required a system that could combat the lack of intra-company visibility, allowing all employees to access real-time updated records at the touch of a button. The system needed to offer continuity and reliability and be entirely accessible to employees all over the world. There was an urgent need for the full integration of email, calendars, and recruitment tools, while the ability to integrate with additional tools was becoming increasingly important.

The Solution

Bullhorn ATS & CRM allows Talascend to improve scope over recruitment activity within their customer base, while also enabling the sharing of information between offices in the US, India, and the UK. Talascend now have an ATS & CRM solution that can easily scale to wherever their business grows. The cloud-based nature of Bullhorn, which runs its software on a virtual platform hosted and supported by remote data centers, increases the software’s accessibility, creating remote working opportunities for employees wherever there was an internet connection. The sophistication of the solution also appealed to Talascend, as Bullhorn uses the latest internet technologies to deliver real-time performance and guaranteed uptime.

Bullhorn’s purposeful design as a process driver and the fact that it is accessible anywhere with an internet connection appealed greatly to Talascend. Once the Bullhorn sales team demonstrated the in-built functionality and they realised what was achievable in terms of visibility and reporting, the Talascend team knew it was the solution for them.

The Solution

Boolean Searches

The ability to perform Boolean searches was very much in demand from Talascend’s recruiters. The previous system didn’t offer this function, so their recruiters leaned toward job boards. With this new ability from Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Talascend recruiters could save valuable time and money, as well as cut job board expenditures and search their own databases.

Job Order-Based Searches

Another advantage can clearly be seen in their newfound ability to perform searches based on job orders. Talascend always had the ability to generate job orders, but now the team can search their entire candidate database and match the outstanding orders with candidates based on their criteria and preferences.

Reduced Expenses

Bullhorn has allowed Talascend to cut back on numerous expenses such as job board costs while getting more from its staff due to everyday work-based applications now being located in the same program.

Increased Productivity and Client Service

Productivity has increased, but perhaps more importantly, so have the levels of client service. Talascend knew its improved organisational infrastructure would lead to a better class of service, and judging by their client feedback, it has.

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