The Network is a global information technology partner of choice to a large list of prestigious clients spanning across Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The company specializes in end-to-end staffing solutions to meet the demands of the local and international IT sourcing market. Starting from humble beginnings with just two consultants, The Network has experienced phenomenal growth, having become a premier boutique recruitment agency. Now with 17 active consultants across its independent offices, The Network’s team adopts a highly personalised approach to recruitment in the IT industry.

Global Operations Manager Natasha Gregory describes The Network’s mantra as an intimate, personal approach. Not simply made up of recruitment consultants, The Network strives to maintain a team of future-driven industry experts with a heavy focus on industry awareness and advisory consulting. In fast-paced and young offices, The Network has a company culture with the perfect balance between the personality of a boutique recruitment agency and the expertise of seasoned industry experts.

The Challenge

The Network’s legacy system was a server-based competitor working out of the United Kingdom. Although the software had the basic functionality the company needed, it soon became outdated. Operations were slow, functionality was basic, and localised support was nonexistent. The Network knew that if it were to remain at the forefront of information technology recruitment, it would need an equally innovative software solution.

Solving these key problems would be critical to The Network’s future growth, so the company used a calculated, systematic approach to select a new provider. From a shortlist of eight cloud-based providers, The Network chose Bullhorn ATS & CRM and hasn’t looked back since. Natasha commented, “We knew exactly what was wrong with our old system and what we were looking for moving forward. Our new system had to be user-friendly–if it’s not intuitive, recruiters just won’t use it effectively.”

The Solution

The Network documented the benefits and shortcomings of eight different software providers in the search for its preferred system. After an extensive analysis period, Bullhorn ATS & CRM came out on top for a number of reasons. As the market leader in cloud-based recruitment technology, Bullhorn could provide the stability and reliability The Network required out of its mission-critical software. Bullhorn’s 24-hour support would also be a dramatic improvement over the support system of The Network’s previous provider. Finally, Bullhorn was simply the most adaptable and flexible system on the market, with the customisation capabilities to suit The Network’s varied internal workflows. Of their choice to go with Bullhorn, Natasha said, “Bullhorn has an intuitive hiring process that allows us to customise it for any of our tasks. It was this, along with its 24-hour support and great reputation, that really sold us.”

“Bullhorn has an intuitive hiring process that allows us to customise it for any of our tasks. It was this, along with its 24-hour support and great reputation, that really sold us.”
Natasha Gregory The Network

The Results

Bullhorn’s intuitive software design and easy customisation have given The Network a tailored solution that ticks all its boxes and encourages recruiter adoption. Since implementation, The Network has been able to significantly reduce time spent on manual data entry. Bullhorn’s reporting has also given Natasha and her team full visibility into everyone’s workflow progress, which has made Natasha’s management process far easier. When questions and concerns have arisen, Natasha has been pleasantly surprised to find that the Bullhorn Support team lives up to its stellar reputation, tackling any challenge at any hour of the day. When asked to quantify the benefits of Bullhorn, Natasha commented,

“Bullhorn has made us so much more efficient and it’s very rare to find such a professional and efficient support services team.”
Natasha Gregory The Network

The Future

The Network has big plans for future growth, and the reliability of its recruitment system will play a key part in its foundation. Now working on improving its internal systems by developing a custom API, The Network can rely on Bullhorn to provide professional and accurate advice, as well as a stable platform in which to expand. The Network is confident that it has made the right choice with Bullhorn to support any of its future endeavors.

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