Three years ago, Paul Conaghan and William Excell fulfilled their long-time ambition by becoming Directors and Co-Founders of their very own IT consultancy firm, Tiro Partners. By utilising Paul and William’s 25 years of IT recruitment experience, the agency now contends with major players in the recruitment field, and the pair have indisputably built a reputable yet niche IT recruitment business. Specialising in project and product management, business analysis, architecture, development, and testing, the agency has a long history of successful delivery across a variety of sectors, including media, retail, and finance.

Refreshingly, the foundations of Tiro Partners are built upon strong person-to-person candidate-client relationships. Tiro Partners is not corporate, nor does it aspire to be. This goes a long way towards explaining how such a small niche agency has been able to participate in such a competitive market. The consultants at Tiro Partners pride themselves on being industry experts with a personal touch. They have a genuine passion for exceptional customer experience, so they make sure to take the time to understand the needs of their candidates and clients.

This mentality undoubtedly stems from the co-founders’ risky decision to move out of the central London zone, a year and a half after Tiro Partners’ establishment. Both Paul and William craved the restoration of work-life balance after starting young families outside of the city. Despite risking candidate attraction with the relocation, the decision has undoubtedly worked to Tiro Partners’ benefit.

The Challenge

After moving beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, and with its innovative views towards growth, Tiro Partners began to feel the full effects of its old CRM system. Paul felt that the tool’s lack of one hundred per cent cloud-based structure was a crucial fault. It was “very slow, didn’t update automatically,” and its visual appearance was decades out of date. Overall, it “did not serve a purpose” due to its lacking functionalities and limited mobile capabilities.

The Solution

Paul and William pride themselves on using the latest tools and technologies to solve their recruitment needs. Thus, they wanted to purchase a solid database upon which they could build the foundations of their company. For Paul and William, Bullhorn’s true cloud solution was the only platform they could see themselves partnering with to grow their business. Most importantly, however, they found that Bullhorn’s ATS & CRM with people skills complemented the way they work on a day-to-day basis. Tiro Partners takes the time to understand the needs of its candidates and clients, and Bullhorn’s automatic capture of client and candidate interactions coordinated with these principles perfectly.

Demo Bullhorn

The Benefits

After nearly two years of being live with Bullhorn, we caught up with Paul, who, having worked for two of Europe’s largest recruitment companies, has over sixteen years of recruitment experience.

First and foremost, Paul noted how the Bullhorn system is easy to use for the whole team, enabling the company to grow from two to almost ten within a short span of time. Historically, Tiro Partners’ consultants were using alternative platforms to source candidates, leading to disarray and poor internal communication. With Bullhorn, however, “consultants want to use the system,” especially because “each consultant can now customise to his or her own requirements.” Paul is more than happy with Bullhorn’s searching capabilities, email functionalities, seamless ability to add new licences with “great online training.”

2015 has been a particularly “exceptional year” for Tiro Partners and Bullhorn. Remarkably, Tiro Partners has doubled its revenue from 2014 since moving out of the city.

Bullhorn has played a big part in establishing Tiro Partners, a small niche agency, as a strong contender within the IT recruitment industry. For Paul, Bullhorn has “enabled efficiency,” and Tiro Partners certainly “won’t go back” to more primitive technology.

The Future

Technology-centric consultancy Tiro Partners has big plans for its future with Bullhorn. Firstly, Tiro Partners plans to generate detailed reports and fully utilise Bullhorn’s Customisable Dashboard features, as these functionalities have not yet been utilised due to Tiro Partners’ rapid expansion. Secondly, Paul and his Co-Founder William plan to upgrade to Bullhorn’s Corporate Edition. Given the well-known prominence of social media use within the recruitment industry, Tiro Partners is excited to implement the next edition and take advantage of Bullhorn’s LinkedIn Integration tool. Bullhorn anticipates an impressive future for Tiro Partners and is delighted to be part of its long-term future.

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