Venturi is a leading IT recruitment specialist servicing the software and web development, infrastructure, and business intelligence markets in the UK and the Netherlands. With offices in London, Manchester, Berlin, and New York City, its search and selection services cover all IT roles, from support to senior appointments, and technical roles and non-technical roles such as legal IT personnel. Its clients come from a broad range of sectors, vary from SMEs to large corporations, and include Balfour Beatty, Manchester Metropolitan University, SSP UK, and Ramsay Healthcare. Venturi’s staff went live with Bullhorn in September 2012.

The Challenge

Venturi needed to improve its recruiters’ workflows and reduce time spent on administration in order to increase placements. Venturi also wanted to give its recruiters better visibility of their performance against sales and recruitment targets, which meant the solution they selected had to provide accurate, real-time business intelligence. In addition to this, the solution had to be easily scalable and incur low operational expenditure After reviewing the available options, Venturi chose Bullhorn ATS & CRM based on recommendations from existing Bullhorn customers.

The Solution

The Bullhorn ATS & CRM was paired with data visualisation software from Bullhorn Analytics. Specialists from Bullhorn oversaw Venturi’s data migration and training ahead of time so that the teams in each office experienced a seamless transition to the new system. Brad Lamb, Managing Director of Venturi, noted that Bullhorn was embraced by recruiters at the agency who are motivated by the real-time data extracted from the solution. Venturi uses Bullhorn Analytics’s data visualisation to display performance graphs on screens around its offices.

The Results

Soon after implementation, recruiters at Venturi began to record improved performance. Since going live with Bullhorn in September 2012, Venturi has reported a 25 percent increase in month-by-month sales, and a 30 percent decrease in the average time taken to fill job orders. Lamb attributes the results to better input and interpretation of information from day-to-day activity: “Bullhorn ensures recruiters record every interaction with clients, candidates, and prospects, so the quality of our data improved with implementation. Once you have quality data, applications like Bullhorn Analytics enable managers to translate it into meaningful strategic information for the business. Crucially, it also allows recruiters to really understand and fine-tune their own performance and that of their teams.”

Bullhorn’s international managing director, Peter Linas, commented that in the future, Venturi will be able to grow and expand into new regions without the need for major IT spend: “The per-seat model works for agencies that have sustainable business growth in mind. Bullhorn is suitable for long-term and international growth because everything happens in the cloud–adding new users, going international, software updates, and new applications from the Bullhorn Marketplace.”

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The Future

The next step for Venturi is to see what other recruitment processes can be integrated using technology. Lamb is keeping an eye on Bullhorn’s existing mobile and social recruiting products, and other new technology in future. “I’m a big believer in social media for recruitment and I value it as an important tool–the next phase will be to streamline our social media efforts to ensure we’re getting the maximum value from our online interactions with candidates”, Brad said. He adds, “I’m also keen to mobile-enable our recruiters so they can work on the move. A central cloud platform with a dedicated mobile application means this is easy and inexpensive to implement—any technology that improves performance and helps recruiters work through jobs faster ultimately results in our customers getting a better level of service, which is what we’re dedicated to at Venturi.”

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