Combine Your Analytics With Automation


As many agencies have discovered, introducing automation enhances productivity, transforms data and allows recruiters to focus on providing exceptional candidate and client experiences.

But how do you maintain ROI once you’ve got the basics covered?  How can you discover opportunities that keep you ahead of the competition and turn good operations into great ones?

By leveraging data analytics with automation.



Our Sales Strategy Directors of Automation and Analytics at Bullhorn will show you how to strategically combine data analytics with automation to create the perfect ROI storm. They will cover the strategies and tactics required to:

  • Use data points to prioritise automations that make the most impact
  • Identify process enhancements through data, and turn them into action via automation
  • Increase productivity per recruiter and take your business to the next level
  • Utilise your entire candidate pool

One not to miss for those craving insights to guide better operational decision making and how to take action on it.

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