How to Engage 100% of Your Candidate Pool

How to Engage 100% of Your Candidate Pool - Featured Image

Agencies only utilise around 60% of their candidate pool, and with competition for talent being fiercer than ever before, they need a better solution. With automation, recruiters can tap into 100% of their candidate pool both pre-and post-placement. This helps speed up the CV to interview rate, increases fill and redeployment-rate and provides a better experience for both candidates, clients and consultants.



Discover how to tap into your ENTIRE candidate database and learn how to:

  • Boost your branding and increase the visibility of your roles Automatically engage with candidates pre-and post-placement
  • Increase key metrics leading to more and faster placements
  • AI Job Match – engage candidates by matching jobs that are the best fit
  • Become the agency partner of choice by sharing only relevant jobs with each candidate
  • Engage with candidates at the right times by, for example, sending a check-in SMS before an interview

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