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Metrics That Matter FI - OD

Empowering your team to leverage data and understanding how to take those insights and turn them into profit is the most crucial act your company can take. Register today for one (or hopefully all three) webinars in this series to take your business from the analytics and automation dark ages to a solid strategy setting you up for success into the future.

Episode 1: From Data to Action: Empowering Desk-Level Behaviour and Change

Most staffing leaders are leveraging data in some way to understand their business. But if they’re not using that data to help their teams understand their performance and drive change within their operations, they’re leaving money on the table.

Join experts Laura Bumby and Joe McGuire to learn how a proactive approach to managing your data is crucial to success in today’s recruiting environment. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Enable your organisation to challenge traditional views of data
  • Drive proactive behaviour at the desk-level and its impact on future success
  • Steps to facilitate a shift in change management behaviour and mindset
  • Actionable insight examples and what they mean for your team

Watch the recording of episode one here


Episode 2: 5 key metrics to drive your automation strategy

Now that you know how data can drive change at the desk-level, you’re ready to learn how to develop a more effective automation strategy with that data.

Join Laura Bumby and Mike Barrett as they show you how to interpret data and the top 5 key metrics you should be using to develop your automation strategy. They will also walk you through a live demonstration of Bullhorn’s automation and analytics functionality.

Watch the recording of episode two here


Episode 3: Insight to impact: Unlocking the power of your data

Data provides essential insights into performance and informs the future success of your business. But in a sea of information, what should your team be focusing on?

Join Andre Mileti as he walks through metrics that matter and how the Connected Recruiting strategy provides an impactful framework for continuously measuring success and taking action.

Watch the recording of episode three here

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