Supercharge Your Engagement Strategy With an Omnichannel Experience

Supercharge Your Engagement Strategy with an omnichannel experience - Featured Image

In today’s market, Talent is in short supply and recruitment agencies are struggling with candidate acquisition. And as the labour market evolves, so have candidate expectations.

Recruitment agencies can no longer offer a one size fits all approach to Talent engagement. It’s essential that they evolve to meet the needs of modern candidates, communicating and engaging with them in new ways.

Check out our on-demand webinar,  where we discuss how leveraging an omnichannel communication strategy with Bullhorn Automation attracts talent to your agency and keeps them engaged.

Discover more on:

  • Current market conditions affecting the talent acquisition process
  • How omnichannel engagement helps you win talent, faster
  • Best practices that you can follow to attract talent and drive redeployment
  • How Bullhorn Automation can deliver the service you need to candidates while saving your team valuable time

Watch the full recording below!



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