What is Recruitment Management Software?

Recruitment Management Software management software is an essential tool for your agency. It allows you to build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the entire recruitment process. By utilising Recruitment Management Software management software, your agency can eliminate manual data input and save essential time while still engaging with candidates. The leading systems, however, take a step further in that they automatically capture interactions and email conversations, store them, and organise your data. With an integrated software, automation replaces your fingertips and saves you valuable time.

Why Does Your Agency Need Comprehensive Recruitment Software?

Are you wasting time and money on inefficiencies caused by siloed recruitment software solutions? In order to work effectively in today’s hyper-competitive recruitment landscape, agencies need to use optimised processes all the way through the recruiting lifecycle. To achieve this, recruitment agencies need software that can support them from the front office to the back office.

The best recruitment software offers a robust, integrated structure with an ease of use that can streamline the entire recruiting lifecycle.

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How to Choose the Best Recruitment Software for Your Agency

Use the following three considerations to guide you forward in finding the best system for your recruiting needs:

Does the software simplify your current recruiting process?

The purpose of quality recruitment software is to improve your recruiting processes, not to complicate them. Bringing on new technologies should allow you to centralise all of your data, from job requisitions to employee referrals, into one accessible location. It should also provide your candidates with an easy, efficient way of applying for different positions.

As you consider recruitment software, it is important to find a system that can streamline and organise your recruiting workflow through automation, allowing you to handle a large volume of candidates without hefty amounts of paperwork. You should also ensure that its functionality will improve communication and foster a better alliance between your organisation’s recruiters, hiring managers, and prospective applicants.


Can the software be integrated with your website and all other recruiting platforms?

A crucial component of recruitment software is its ability to integrate with your business platforms, including your website, email, and social media accounts. As a result, you want to ensure that your system can serve as a platform for mobile and cloud computing, unified communication, and social networking.

Social media has become an indispensable tool for recruiting agencies. By having a system that can integrate with these accounts, you can better equip your agency to post jobs, source candidates, share content, engage followers, and build relationships through all outlets of communication and outreach.


Will the recruitment software improve the candidate experience?

Much has been said within the industry about how fostering a positive applicant experience can lead to a higher caliber of candidate. The best applicant tracking systems provide an easy-to-use platform for both the recruiter and the candidate. Friendly front-end usability eliminates roadblocks between you and your candidates and improves the overall image of your employment brand.


Does the software provide scalability for the future?

Those who invest in recruitment software and technologies benefit from a system that is built for the future.  When choosing the right solutions, you should focus on not only ensuring the system works for you in-the-moment but also on ensuring that it’s flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen necessities down the road. Customisation and smooth integration offer built-in insurance so that whatever successes and growth you experience, your recruitment software adapts to meet your needs.

Key Features of the Best Recruitment Software

True Cloud Architecture

Your recruitment software should provide your agency with not only a platform that remains state-of-the-art through consistent updates, but also the kind of individual attention you might expect to make sure your agency’s specialised needs are met at all times.

Having a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows your agency the flexibility to access their recruitment solution on the internet with a login and password. Cloud recruitment software solutions average 25 times less downtime per year than on-premise solutions so that you don’t have to worry about your software failing and can focus on what matters most, growing your business.

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Accessibility and Mobility

Recruiters are always on the move and can’t waste time with clunky, complicated and inaccessible recruitment software. The best recruitment solution supports mobile recruiting, is radically easy to use, and works the way recruiters already work every day. With a modern, intuitive recruitment software, your agency can make more placements while your software does the rest.

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API Access

With the right connectivity built into a recruitment software, your company can add any custom functionality it needs to the base system. With open APIs (application programming interfaces), the tools and protocols that provide the building blocks for developing software applications, the best recruitment software can build and extend its software to grow as technology grows and improves.

Applicant tracking

Applicant tracking should be the foundation of any recruitment software. An ATS provides a central repository for candidate data—including résumés and applications – and has the power to overhaul your entire recruitment operation into the most productive, profitable, and efficient business it can be. With proper implementation, it can increase recruiter productivity, save time, and provide organisation and structure for your recruitment operations.

Recruiting CRM

CRM software helps you manage your external relationships, including contact information, sales opportunities, histories of past interactions, and more. This kind of knowledge is essential for building and maintaining relationships, allowing you to give each relationship the individual focus it needs and scaling your ability to do so.

A recruiting CRM is purpose-built for the complexities of recruitment. Rather than having you invest in aspects of a CRM your agency likely will never use, a recruiting CRM will provide what you need with no workarounds. Built with recruitment in mind, it will leverage industry experience to provide you with the tools to best engage with your candidates – and provide your clients with top-tier talent.

Candidate scoring

Identify top talent within your database with candidate scoring, which quickly sorts the candidates in your database based on skills, communication, engagement, and employment history. With candidate scoring software, your recruiters can build candidate shortlists quickly and efficiently while also eliminating the potential for bias. The best candidate scoring software will provide scores based on context and natural language rather than simply looking for search terms.

Interview scheduling

Interview scheduling is one of the most commonly cited pain points in recruitment. The back-and-forth of manual scheduling between recruiters and candidates is a continued obstacle in both the talent and sales lifecycle. Integrated interview scheduling can help eliminate the headache and make scheduling interviews a breeze. The best scheduling software is self-service, allowing candidates to choose the times that work best for them on their own terms. Automated interview scheduling can also send reminders to help reduce no-shows.

Front-office and back-office management

Recruitment software isn’t just for recruiters. Agencies can leverage tech to run every aspect of their recruiting business, from intake to payroll. Integrating front-office and back-office into one software gives agencies unprecedented visibility into every aspect of their business. While your front-office should drive revenue and strengthen relationships, your back-office solution should drive efficiency and visibility and enable better decision-making.

Hiring automation

Hiring automation enables you to streamline repetitive workflows, processes, and communication throughout the entire hiring process, replacing tasks that would typically be done manually. From sourcing to screening to candidate submittal, leveraging hiring automation is a key step to transforming your agency by improving your productivity and freeing up time where you need it most.

Job post creation

When you’re ready to advertise your jobs, let your software do the heavy lifting. Recruitment software can integrate with the leading job boards, like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and more, and post your jobs with just one click. The best job post creation software can help analyse and optimise your job postings to cut down on costs while still attracting top talent.

Time and expense tracking

Time and expense tracking is one of the most crucial elements of the business to get right – and it’s also one of the trickiest. With time and expense software, agencies can ensure accurate pay and accurate bill while cutting down on chasing timecards and client approvals. The best time and expense tracking solutions include an array of time capture methods to fit any requirement or budget, including traditional clocks, web entry, to mobile clock solutions.

Payroll and accounting

Your agency should have the freedom to select the best payroll and accounting services to meet the demands of your business. With pay and bill software, your agency can avoid errors and adhere to client requirements by automating payroll operations. The best payroll and accounting software can handle even the most complex payroll challenges, like geography, taxes, and compliance.

The Best Recruitment Management Software Solutions in 2023

1. Bullhorn

Bullhorn’s recruitment software is built to scale without limitation and address the needs of businesses of all sizes. We have editions built to fit the requirements of recruiting agencies at all stages of growth.

2. CloudCall

CloudCall is the most integrated Bullhorn computer telephony integration (CTI) available for recruitment teams. With their extensive list of best-in-class features, you’ll boost your productivity, efficiency, and ROI from directly within your Bullhorn customer relationships manager (CRM).

3. Broadbean

Broadbean makes it easy to post jobs to hundreds of job boards in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia directly within Bullhorn. When a candidate applies via your Broadbean posting, you can see and track that candidate right within Bullhorn.

4. Daxtra Technologies

Daxtra solutions automate the whole employment application process by helping you source the most relevant candidates quickly and easily through semantic search powered by machine learning technologies. Automatically de-duplicate and load candidate data into your Bullhorn database, enabling you to manage that data effectively to maximise the value to your business.

5. Textkernel

Textkernel is the global leader in AI Recruitment Software. Textkernel provides the best-in-class candidate parsing, matching, and database enrichment technology for recruiters and talent managers looking to better acquire, assess and manage talent. Additionally, they offer people analytics and labor market intelligence so you can anticipate future talent demand.

6. Odro

Odro offers a range of products to help agencies big and small to streamline their processes and drive profitability. All of their products were built and developed with one key mantra front of mind, helping you to humanise the hiring experience at scale. Every product in Odro’s suite has been designed to help recruiters humanise the hiring experience at scale. Their revenue-driving products, help recruiters get more from the work they’re already doing while benefitting clients and candidates in the process.

7. Sterling

Sterling – the industry leader in background and identity services – provides a foundation of trust and safety that spans across industries, professions and borders. Their technology-powered services help organisations create great environments for their workers, partners and clients. Sterling has 20 offices in nine countries and conducts more than 100 million searches annually.

8. Kyloe

Kyloe are recruitment platform experts with 100+ years of Bullhorn experience. They offer pre-built products and custom solutions to help our clients get the most out of their Bullhorn platform. Established in 2015, they’ve helped 800+ clients across the globe and have completed 250+ Bullhorn implementations.

Recruitment Software FAQ

Any recruitment agency, from startup to global enterprise, can use recruitment management software. Agencies can choose the solutions that work best for them based on their size, vertical, and business goals. More than 10,000 recruitment agencies around the world rely on Bullhorn each and every day.

The price of recruitment software is related to the solutions and features it provides and the size of the organisation it serves. Those looking to implement recruitment software can find a price point that is both cost-effective and helps their organisation achieve their business goals.

Recruitment software can integrate with online calendar and email software to help schedule appointments, meetings, and interviews. The best recruitment software has self-service scheduling options, where candidates and clients can schedule a meeting with a single click of a button.

Leveraging recruitment management software can result in improved client and candidate relationships, a more efficient team, and increased revenue. Don’t take it from us: hear from Bullhorn customers the difference recruitment management software has made in their organisations.

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