What is fill rate?

The percentage of total job orders that a firm has successfully filled.

What does it answer?

Fill rate is another efficiency measure that helps you understand if your agency is making the most out of its present opportunities. Because total placements are so important to your agency’s overall revenue, improving your fill rate is crucial to remaining profitable. Improving fill rate is often an easier fix than increasing the total number of job orders overall so that the team is not spending time picking up more job orders they might be unable to fill.

How do you measure it?

Job orders filled divided by job orders received. Fill rate can easily be tracked on the Success Rates dashboard card, alongside hit rate (# of placements / # of client submissions). Fill rate can also be tracked on the Contact Fill Statistics dashboard card, providing visibility into overall fill rate percentages (along with submissions per interview and interviews per placement) for all the jobs associated with a given contact.

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