Is Your Current Recruitment Software Maximising Your Agency’s Performance?

Why is a Recruitment Management System so Important?

A Recruitment Management System (RMS) automates and manages an organisation’s recruiting operations, streamlining the process from start to finish. The core functions of an RMS are the applicant tracking system (ATS), which provides a central repository for candidate data, and the customer relationship management (CRM) software, which helps to organise and manage interactions with candidates and clients.

These critical systems provide companies with the tools needed to win new business, increase client retention, and provide better customer service to existing clients. Choosing the right RMS for your staffing firm is a critically important decision, but it can also be an overwhelming one. Which features actually matter, and which are just white noise?

How to Choose the Right RMS for Your Firm

1. What are your firm’s wants and needs?
The critical factor for success in making the most of your recruitment system is to differentiate your agency’s core requirements for each business area and their “wants” and “needs.” Assess your workflows and business processes to determine what’s missing and what could help you do your job with more efficiency and greater ease.

2. What tools and features will set you up for future success?

Before you choose a CRM or ATS, it’s best to find a system that will grow with you. With all of the different tools and features available, it’s essential to focus in and determine what core functionality is essential to the success of your business.

Think of what is important to your business – Are you trying to build a larger talent pool, better understand and analyze your data, or reduce costs and create a more streamlined candidate experience? Where are you now, and what might your future needs be? By asking these questions, you can find the CRM and ATS systems with the tools and features that will set your recruiting firm up for current and future success.

3. Can the system be integrated with your website and all other recruiting platforms?

A crucial component of an ATS or CRM is its ability to integrate seamlessly with all of your other business platforms, including your website, email, and social media accounts. You want to ensure that your system can serve as a platform for mobile and cloud computing, unified communication, and social networking.

4. Does the recruitment management software have mobile capabilities?

Choosing an ATS or CRM that you can use anywhere, at any time can make a huge impact on your recruiting processes. Mobile applicant tracking allows you to manage your system from the office, home, or on the go while simultaneously giving your recruiters information about clients and candidates in real-time. Going mobile will also give you the opportunity to track emails, review key reports, and search candidate lists whenever you need.

There are many systems to choose from and many software features that are now offered to recruiting firms. Before you make this important decision, educate yourself on the full capacity of an ATS or CRM to understand what features will work for your business goals.

Why Should You Use Bullhorn's Recruitment Management Software?

Increase Recruiter Productivity

Streamline daily tasks with faster source, search, and match.

Improve Candidate Experience

Leverage relationship insights to deliver a superior candidate experience.

Make Better Business Decisions

Run your business by the numbers using recruitment-specific, actionable reports.


Key Features of Bullhorn’s Recruitment Management Software

Today’s recruiters are always on-the-go. Your recruitment system should be built to keep up with recruiters’ fast-paced lives and make their job easier.

With mobile access to your system, recruiters and salespeople will be armed with up-to-the-second information about clients and candidates, giving them better insight for offsite meetings and interviews.

Bullhorn offers mobile recruitment capabilities that let you view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time.


The Industry-Leading ATS

In today’s competitive market, you can’t waste time with a slow system. Bullhorn offers a web-based applicant tracking software that will get your team operating at maximum efficiency and help increase placements by up to 43% to drive business growth.

Automatic Data Capture and Activity Tracking

Bullhorn’s recruitment management system automates the time-consuming tasks that take up valuable hours in your day.

Bullhorn tracks all email activity with candidates and clients so that you will never miss a conversation. Bullhorn works behind the scene to provide real-time updates to your record, so that you will always have a complete view of your interactions and relationships.

By harnessing the latest technology and capturing valuable data, Bullhorn’s recruitment software empowers recruiters to work faster and smarter.

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