Why is Bullhorn changing systems?

This will provide a better experience for our customers. Our invoices will be easier to read, and we’ll be able to send consolidated invoices containing all charges rather than multiple invoices for different types of charges.


Is my price or contract changing?

No. While the look and feel of your invoice will be different, your price and contract will remain the same.


Do I need to do anything?

No, no action is needed from your side!


What system will Bullhorn be using?

Bullhorn will be using Zuora. Zuora is the world’s leading provider of subscription billing, commerce, and finance solutions. Other companies using Zuora include: Dell, American Express, Marketo, and Zendesk.


Where will my billing data be stored?

In Zuora. Zuora is PCI-compliant and SOC2-certified. Zuora uses the Switch Supernap data center in Las Vegas, NV. Other companies using this datacenter include: Ebay, Amazon, Zappos, and PayPal.


Is Bullhorn compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive/EU data privacy laws?

Yes. Bullhorn complies with all laws applicable to it as a data processor.


I am an international client and I’m concerned about having my billing data stored in the US.

We are using a state-of-the-art system with the highest levels of security which is fully compliant with EU data privacy laws. If you’d like more info, please contact billing support.


Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?

If you have any questions, please reach out to billing support at ukbillingsupport@bullhorn.com

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