Bullhorn Unveils Three Major Advancements at Sold-Out User Conference

Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software, today unveiled new product capabilities at its annual user conference, Bullhorn Live, taking place June 17-19 in Boston. The improvements include more robust business intelligence, deeper integration of applicant tracking and social recruiting, and more powerful mobile access.

Faster, Smarter Decisions
Businesses everywhere are increasingly leveraging data to improve efficiency and decision-making, and the recruiting and staffing industry is no exception. Bullhorn has introduced two major updates to its business intelligence capabilities to help customers extract and act on the valuable insights held within their operational data.
First, a new set of interactive standard reports and configurable role-based dashboards give users from all types of staffing firms fast, easy access to their key business metrics for better decisions with less effort. Users can summarize, filter, and drill down into metrics and the underlying metrics for a comprehensive, actionable view of their business. Users can also export detailed records to Microsoft Excel for deeper analysis. Second, Bullhorn strengthened its partnership with advanced analytics provider InsightSquared to provide recruiters with powerful tools to surgically address data quality issues, highlight positive events and areas of concern through real-time alerts, forecast future bookings and revenue, integrate data from other Marketplace partners, and more. The partnership will make it easier for recruiters to buy and use InsightSquared with Bullhorn’s ATS and CRM.
“With Bullhorn’s new reports and dashboards, everyone in my organization can instantly see what needs their attention, and spend their time focusing on what matters most,” said Todd Snider, Recruiting Data Analyst at Comrise Technology. “The interface is extremely user-friendly, so it’s easy to drill down and see the root cause of any metric and to take action. I think this new reporting suite speaks to the continued commitment of the Bullhorn team to their customers’ growth and success.”
On-the-Go Productivity with Bullhorn Mobile V2
In the competitive world of recruiting, responding quickly to clients and candidates can mean the difference between winning and losing a placement. The latest version of Bullhorn Mobile enables recruiters to remain productive regardless of whether they’re at their desks by extending critical Bullhorn capabilities to their mobile devices.
Bullhorn Mobile works with the native email calendar and contacts apps on a smartphone or tablet, automatically tracks all mobile activity in Bullhorn, and keeps user data secure, even if a device is lost. The latest version provides deeper functionality similar to Bullhorn’s desktop application, enabling users to add jobs, browse lists of candidates, jobs, and contacts, view reports, and more.
Deeper Integration of Bullhorn Reach with Bullhorn ATS for Social Sourcing ROI
Bullhorn has integrated its landmark social recruiting product – Bullhorn Reach – more tightly with its ATS system, allowing users to share jobs through Bullhorn Reach from within the ATS. Customers can automatically parse Bullhorn Reach candidate resumes into the ATS database and track their social recruiting placements and ROI within the applicant tracking system.
The Bullhorn Live Customer Conference has brought together more than 300 staffing and recruiting professionals from 104 companies and fourteen partners for two full days of expert presentations, breakout sessions, face-to-face product demonstrations and networking events – all focused on helping recruiting professionals generate greater revenues in 2012.
“Our newest wave of product enhancements addresses the three biggest trends in recruiting technology – mobile, social, and business intelligence,” said Art Papas, CEO and co-founder of Bullhorn. “Keeping our customers at the cutting edge of data-driven innovation translates into improved speed, agility and ultimately more revenue.”


Vinda Rao,