As an industry sector, Oil and Gas is tremendously volatile. Timing is everything, and it’s no surprise given peaks and troughs in project activity that relying on a contingent workforce has become a competitive advantage for many offshore drilling companies.

Trends such as the rise of natural gas production, geographical shifts in offshore drilling activity, and constant fluctuation in demand at E&C companies make navigating the recruitment needs of the Oil and Gas industry a both exciting and exceedingly challenging proposition.

If you provide contract labour or search consultation for the Oil and Gas industry, you must contend with a unique set of challenges, and subsequently need a recruitment software solution that will help you stay one step ahead:

Navigating the boom and bust: The Deepwater Horizon disaster, in addition to being an unmitigated catastrophe involving the loss of life and natural resources, also upset hiring patterns for thousands of oil rig contractors. However, a Bullhorn customer had one of its most successful quarters in recent history by placing temporary cleanup workers to help combat the spill. Bullhorn’s innovative use of data to help you forecast your job order pipeline and react swiftly to market opportunities can turn a nadir into a zenith.

Identifying the best talent: Success in the Oil and Gas industry requires both finding highly specialised workers as well as quickly reacting to new opportunities for commercial recruitment business.  While the fastest software in the industry can help you get ahead of the competition and be first to submit appropriate temp and contract workers, you also need sophisticated keyword search and matching capabilities to help you find the most qualified instrumentation engineers, project managers, and solutions architects. Bullhorn’s candidate search technology is simply unparalleled, and with the ability to search 100 million candidate records in less than half a second, you’ll find and place the best talent before anyone else.

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