Boost Productivity

Reduce busywork by automating repetitive, often-forgotten tasks and ensure the right things are happening at the right time.

Improve Data Health

Improve the accuracy of your Bullhorn data by identifying inaccurate or incomplete records and automating the cleanup process.

Enhance Candidate and Client Communication

Engage with candidates, clients and contractors throughout the recruiting process and never let communication slip through the cracks.

Automate recruiting busywork in a few clicks

Quickly automate key activities throughout your recruiting workflow with the recruitment automation software Bullhorn Automation, freeing up your team to focus on building relationships, not completing manual tasks. Easily create processes that fit your business and standardise interactions with candidates, contractors and sales contacts.


Personalise communication via email, SMS, & Chatbot

In the modern age of tech, talent expects convenient and speedy communication on their terms. Omni-channel engagement allows you to automatically engage with talent, speeding up the hiring process and providing an incredible experience for clients and candidates. With SMS, email and chatbot, ensure the right people are sent the right information at the right time.


Gather intelligent insights

With recruitment automation, you can get a deeper view of your candidate, client and contractor activity throughout the recruiting cycle. View a contact’s complete history directly in the ATS and understand how they’re interacting with your messaging and automation.


Deliver Intelligent Jobs

Using machine learning, we intelligently match candidates with current job openings from your ATS for use in any outbound communication or automation. This helps engage candidates with relevant jobs and build a better talent pool directly in your ATS.


Start Automating Today

There are a lot of CRM and automation systems out on the market. Herefish is different because they understand the unique needs of the recruiting and staffing industry. There are no workarounds needed. This product is made just for us.
Brian Cunningham Managing Director, Allen Recruitment

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