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In the dynamic and ultra-competitive world of agency recruitment, professional consultants and resourcers must work smarter and more efficiently than the competition in order to drive business growth. Many recruitment CRM systems are not built with an architecture that is flexible and powerful enough to support the agile business performance recruitment companies demand.  The most successful recruitment teams rely on the power of Bullhorn’s cloud-based recruitment software to help manage the end-to-end recruitment process.

Bullhorn provides the most comprehensive solution for client and candidate insight and recruitment consultants' workflow, allowing recruitment teams to be extremely agile and move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.

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Better Insight into Client Needs and Requirements

The best recruitment teams don’t operate in a silo, and neither should your recruitment CRM. Seamlessly integrated with VMS solutions like Fieldglass, Beeline, and IQ Navigator, Bullhorn provides both split desk and full desk agencies with total visibility into the job order lifecycle. Passive activity tracking enables recruitment teams to automatically capture client and candidate conversations to ensure that they always have a 360-degree view of both open requisitions and relationships over time. The Bullhorn recruitment CRM makes tracking communications, and taking action on those communications, effortless.

A client called us and gave us an extremely hard to fill opportunity, basically telling us that it would be 'next to impossible' to fill. We did a new Bullhorn search using keywords and at the very top of the list was the ideal candidate. We called the candidate, secured him, and had a start the next day for a $75.00 bill rate. Bullhorn is indeed the best system on the market and proves that going to your robust database is the best place to find passive candidates.
Leslie McIntyre-Tavella The McIntyre Group

Faster and More Efficient Search


The bread and butter of recruitment is search and match, and no system does candidate search better than Bullhorn. With the ability to search 100 million candidate records in less than half a second, your recruitment consultants will never be slowed down by the limitations of your recruitment software. And Bullhorn’s sophisticated CV parsing and search capabilities combine to deliver and prioritise the most relevant candidates based on skills and recency, helping your team to create qualified shortlists quickly. Save your favorite searches and customise list views for even greater efficiency.

Fully Integrated Workflow Management

With Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM, users have the ability to manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface – whether it’s from their computers or mobile devices. From job submission to candidate placement, the Bullhorn recruitment CRM eliminates wasteful tasks such as manual data entry, streamlining the end-to-end recruitment process and enabling your recruitment team to move faster. The fully-integrated workflow management offered by Bullhorn, combined with numerous speciality applications from the Bullhorn Marketplace, the Bullhorn Reach social recruitment platform, and the Bullhorn Mobile offering, gives recruitment consultants the necessary tools to consistently outperform their competition.

Bullhorn’s sales and recruitment CRM empowers recruitment professionals to:

  • Gain insight into client and candidate needs and requirements.
  • Automatically track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
  • Integrate sales and recruitment activity to help close jobs faster.
  • Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruitment consultants activity.
  • Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members.


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