Data hygiene: the unsung hero for recruitment growth

With good data hygiene, you gain clear insights into candidate pools and client landscapes, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business. You’ll also be able to identify your top clients, build ready-to-work talent pools and establish a strong foundation for AI.

The key to driving a good data hygiene strategy is:

  • Auditing your database
  • Getting rid of duplicates and updating stale data
  • Building workflows ensuring a consistently clean database

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The impact of good data hygiene

Bullhorn customers save nearly 47,000 hours of consultant time and engage more than 500,000 candidates and clients each month. And it all starts with the data!

1 %

Increase in candidate engagement

1 %

More placements per head

2 %

Increase in redeployment

2 %

Growth in new business deals closed won

Data quality is the backbone of any successful recruitment company. In addition to enabling operational efficiency it directly affects ROI on integrations such as automation and AI. If you want to keep up with your competition or get ahead of the curve then its crucial to start with cleaning up your data
Martin Wishart Global Product Sales Manager, Kyloe Partners

Here’s how Bullhorn can help

Bullhorn Analytics identifies what your gaps are, Automation fixes them, and SourceBreaker minimises them from happening in the first place.

Bullhorn Automation

Identify duplicate and incomplete records and fill data gaps.

Promote a database-first mindset by transforming your ATS&CRM into a reliable source of information for your team.

Bullhorn Analytics

Consolidate your tech stack data into one place for end-to-end business analysis.

Identify where the holes in your talent funnel are.

Bullhorn SourceBreaker

Enable recruiters to search across all candidate sources in one place, avoiding duplication and searching in multiple systems.

Surface high-quality candidates already in the ATS.

[Webinar] From chaos to clarity: transforming your existing database with data hygiene

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