Old habits die hard, and chances are, spreadsheets are the first solution you used to manage your business. But spreadsheets aren’t equipped to manage your data as your agency grows. Here’s why.

Excel and other spreadsheet solutions are undoubtedly useful, but they just aren’t built with the needs of a recruitment business in mind. As a result, you’ll often lose time and potential business in the long run, plus you’ll lack the ability to scale as your business continues to grow.

3 Shortcomings of Spreadsheets

Manually entering data is time-consuming:

Are you spending your nights and/or weekends updating your spreadsheets? As your business grows, maintaining and updating your data gets increasingly difficult.

They’re not built to manage relationships:

Recruitment is a relationship-driven business, and spreadsheets aren’t equipped to handle them. A good ATS will help you find candidates and leverage relationship insights to help you better manage the candidate experience. Candidates are human; spreadsheets aren’t.

Errors everywhere:

As your business grows, it’s easy for bad data to slip through the cracks. And spotting a mistake in thousands of rows of numbers and names can be near-impossible. As your team’s data and potential errors pile up, it can have costly repercussions on your reporting and business.