Are Recruiter Interruptions Costing Your Firm $272,000 per Year?

The average recruiter deals with up to 50 interruptions per day, according to our most recent report, The Ultimate Revenue Roadmap. If you work for a professional recruiting firm with 10 recruiters on staff making $2.3M annually, you could be losing 1,970 hours or $272,000 in potential revenue per year.

Cutting the time spent on interruptions by half (985 hours) would yield $136,000 in extra revenue, while reducing it by 75% would result in $204,000 in revenue. Money is great, so how do you go about getting more of it.

Interruptions are inevitable. Recruiters walk a fine line every day between focus and multitasking. About 50% of a recruiter’s tasks are scheduled, while the other 50% of these tasks throughout the day are unplanned. The ability to seamlessly jump from task to task while dealing with these unplanned disruptions is the key to minimizing the impact they have on top-line growth.

Remember the time you were watching your favorite show when all of a sudden a multi-colored screen appeared, you heard the most annoying sound and a message started scrolling across the TV…“We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important service message”?

Did you ever wonder why the station didn’t just show the  scrolling announcement at the bottom of the screen while  they continued to play your show?

This is the type of capability you should expect from your  ATS/CRM system. Your recruiting software should work the  way you work, allowing you to switch tasks, while keeping  your current work open on the screen.

If a recruiter’s working on a job when a client call comes in, the recruiter may have to switch from the ATS to a separate CRM system to view the latest client notes. During the call if the client asks for the status of a job, the recruiter will need to switch back and look up the job information.  If we’re talking split-desk, the account manager might have to connect with the recruiter to learn the status of the job before getting back to the client.  How well does your system handle these types of recruiter interruptions?

If a recruiter spends approximately one minute per interruption to back out of his or her current activity in order to switch tasks, then that’s 50 minutes wasted (per recruiter) per day.

Do you really want to leave this potential revenue on the table?

Download our latest report to learn how an intuitive, automated workflow can reduce the unproductive time recruiters spend dealing with interruptions by as much as 75%.

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This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Ashley Healy.

Ashley Healy specializes in integrated marketing communications and a wide range of marketing activities including social media management, SEO copywriting, content marketing, promotional strategies and employment branding. She previously worked as Content Marketing Manager at Bullhorn and prior to that, as a copywriter and marketing coordinator at Verndale, a full-service digital agency.

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