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Below is a spotlight from our Global Changemakers series, highlighting those who have successfully navigated a technology change within their business. To read more stories, visit our Global Changemakers series.

When Tjeerd joined Intro Personeel, a brand within Florys Group, as a recruiter, he saw that the need for change had existed for years. The organisation worked with UBplus, a remuneration package, which also functioned as an ATS/CRM. The company had grown and their solution no longer satisfied their needs.

Time to Make a Change

The team at Intro Personeel lost a lot of time on manual tasks, including preparing CVs and searching for candidates and vacancies. They wanted to make better use of their own database. With seven branches, it was crucial to ensure that candidates and vacancies were shared between the various branches. Coupled with the growing size of Intro Personeel, it was clear that it was time to switch to a more robust recruitment solution.

Roadblocks to Progress

The next step was to get this change on the strategic agenda. After his promotion to Director of Innovation, Marketing, and IT, Tjeerd worked on creating support among key end-users. Luckily, Intro Personeel mainly consists of junior employees who are hungry to improve. In addition, most of Tjeerd’s colleagues realised that there was now an enormously high mental workload. For many recruiters, candidate and client data lived only in their heads, which created a lot of pressure on the rest of the business.

It was also important to include all the different suppliers throughout the change process. To make sure this went well, Florys created a steering committee. The steering committee took care of the implementation of Bullhorn with both internal and external stakeholders. This included an external IT partner that could provide valuable and independent advice. From web developers to the back office team, eight to ten technology partners came together for a kick-off to discuss the progress of the project to ensure a successful implementation. And with success: all partners involved in the original movement towards change are still part of the tech stack at Florys. No one said goodbye; Bullhorn was just an important extra piece of the puzzle.

Reaping the Benefits

Since the change towards digital transformation, Florys can see the positive effects within the entire organisation. Recruiters have more time because of the reduction in administrative tasks and turnover is declining. With various integrations through the open API of Bullhorn, they can generate even better management reports.

I'm actually most proud of the adoption of Bullhorn among the employees, both at Intro Personeel and at our software partners. We were going to replace the basic process with a better one, but it wasn't as if we were saying goodbye to partners with whom we had a long working relationship. On the contrary: those close relationships ensured that together, we were able to achieve this change successfully. The entire organization is very positive about the ease of use and speed. We see now that people have time for other things.
Tjeerd Putters Florys Group

The organisation is currently exploring new pieces of the puzzle: marketing automation and candidate experience tools that can contribute to improving services. The team is working more efficiently and therefore has more time for things like building real relationships with candidates.

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