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Some of the questions we’ll look to answer for the year ahead:

    • What are the top priorities and challenges for 2021?
    • What are the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on the recruitment industry?
    • How are agencies attracting and retains clients in the current landscape?
    • What technologies and approaches are agencies using to grow their businesses?

We’ll use your responses to surface some of the most significant insights and trends for the coming year so you can see what agencies like yours are focusing on in 2021, global and local trends to be aware of, opportunities your agency can leverage to grow your business, and more.

You can access all of our original research—including new reports that we add throughout the year at our Global Recruitment Insights & Data (GRID) site. Here are some trends to consider heading into 2021, from our COVID-19 Impact Survey of 900+ recruitment professionals.

Clients are the (new) top priority

Year-after-year, the top priority and the top challenge for recruitment professionals remained the same. Respondents voted candidate engagement as their number one priority and the talent shortage as their top obstacle for five straight years, including 2020. But then COVID-19 changed everything.

As the unemployment pendulum swung from historic lows to highs in the midst of COVID-19, the talent shortage is not the challenge it was heading into 2020. This shift is one of the reasons a new top priority has emerged for the first time in years. Client relationships (the number-two priority heading into 2020) are now firmly the top priority for agencies, as businesses struggle to win new clients and maintain existing clients in a shifting landscape.

recruiting trends 2020

But that’s not to say that candidates don’t matter. In fact, candidate engagement and improving the candidate experience are still the second-most important goal for agencies since the COVID-19 crisis, ahead of other important priorities like managing cash flow. Ultimately, focusing on relationships is still a winning business strategy in this landscape and any other.

Remote Possibly: Remote Work is Here to Stay

Recruiters are increasingly reporting recruiting for remote roles which were conventionally believed to be impossible in a remote setting

When respondents were asked to name the newly remote roles that surprised them the most, “everything” came in as the most popular answer. Respondents shared a diverse and surprising list of roles they had placed for remote positions, including lab-based scientists, defense work, sign-language interpreting, and even positions at airports. 

I’m a firm believer in remote working, so there isn’t a single job out there that can’t be remote in my opinion. — Respondent, 2020 GRID COVID-19 Impact Survey

Read all of last year’s findings here. To discover similar insights and help your firm prepare for the year ahead, take the 2021 survey today!


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