Highlights from Engage Sydney 2023

At Engage Sydney 2023, we gathered to hear insights from recruitment leaders, hold thoughtful panel discussions with industry experts, see exciting technology innovation, and so much more.

Whether you joined us in person or are looking to explore the topics that we covered at the event, this is the place for you. Read on to gather the highlights from Engage, top takeaways from the Keynote session, and further explore resources that will help you to make it happen in 2023!

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During Jeff Neumann, Bullhorn’s VP Product Marketing keynote session, he shared insights and examples of how agencies have been successful turning ‘meet the moment’ concepts into practice, which best practices are delivering the strongest outcomes, and how technology is being used in innovative ways to solve complex problems.

Watch the session recording below to learn more:


Watch sessions on demand

By popular demand, you can re-watch presentations from Engage Sydney 2023 below. In the sessions you’ll learn about recruitment industry trends, best-in-practice technology solutions and actionable insights so you can transform your business.

What Candidates & Clients Expect From Recruiters (And How You Can Keep Up)

Lauren Thom & Harrison Angwin

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Connected Recruiting in Practice: How to Transform Your Talent Lifecycle

Ben Carter & Hugh Catterall

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The Future of Work: Recruitment Technology Trends

Shannon O’Fionnagain, Head of Enterprise Transformation, RGF Staffing APEJ
Grant Beggs, Managing Director, Prestige Staffing
Gert Leppers, Global Chief Digital Officer, Talent International

Moderated by:
Aaron McIntosh, Bullhorn

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Tech Strategy in a Dynamic Market: How to Stay Ahead

Megan Lynch & Nathan Green

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Make it Happen

In 2023 at Engage Sydney we celebrated our most innovative customers and those who have seen the greatest gains by adapting their businesses and technology strategies in the face of a changing economy and industry. Through a combination of conversations with customers, Bullhorn SMEs, and industry experts, we shared actionable insights so that all attendees can leave Engage feeling inspired by the successes they’ve learned about and confident they have the tools to make it happen for their own agencies.

Explore the Connected Recruiting Strategy

Connected Recruiting is a methodology that empowers recruitment agencies to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle. By leveraging the right technology and Connected Recruiting best practices, agencies can ensure an incredible experience for their talent, create an ever-growing and consistently engaged talent pool, and lower their cost of talent acquisition.

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Bullhorn Global Recruitment Insights & Data

Bullhorn is pleased to share the priorities, challenges, and outlook of more than 2000+ global recruitment industry professionals representing a broad range of regions, perspectives, and industries served through the 2023 Global Recruitment Insights & Data (GRID) Trends Report.

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